The Anglish Moot

Þédléf is a ƿay of þinking hƿic saiþ ðat sum clusters of folk, suc as folkclusters, sculd be fré to rix hemselfs. Þédléfers þink ðat ðe best ƿay to make ðis betide and forbue ƿéld or ofersetting bý oðers is for eac cluster to hafe her oƿn þédric.

Ðe grundlín of ðe Englisc tung is Þeedisc.

International tidyman
This leaf is a runner for unmarking .
If you do not hold with this leaf's unmarking, bring forth your grounds here at Runners for Unmarking or the talk-leaf of what is to be unmarked, or better the leaf and fordo this mark.
Overseers: umbethink to look at what stems here and the leaf's timeline before unmarking.