Ƿilliam I () Ƿilliam ðe Overwinner and sometimes Ƿilliam ðe Mong, was ðe first Normanish king of England, reding from 1066 until his death in GÆ 1087. He was an afterkind of Rollo and was Hertow of Normanſhire from GÆ 1035 onward. His hold was belayed on Normanſhire by GÆ 1060, following a long ſtruggle to beground his highseat, and he ſhot ðe Normanish raid of England six years later. Ðe reſt of his life was marked by ſtruggles to meld his hold over England and his worlddealing lands and by toils with his eldest son, Robert Curthose.

Ƿilliam was ðe son of ðe unwedded Robert, Hertow of Normanſhire by his frow, Herleva. His ill-gotten rikeneſs, togeðer with his youth, brought forth some toils after he afterran his faðer, as did ðe lawleſsneſs which outbroke ðe first years of his rede. At ðe time of his childehood and teenhood, fellows of ðe Normanish atheldom claſhed with one anoðer, bothe for -aldry of ðe childe hertow and for ðeir own ends. Ƿilliam was able to ſ C

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Early lifeEdit

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Engliſh and worlddealing worrriesEdit


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