2builders2tools, often shortened to 2b2t, is a Groovecraft manyplayer world grounded in Yulemonth 2010. 2b2t is one of the oldest running manyplayer worlds and the oldest redelacking manyplayer world in Groovecraft. 2b2t's world is also the longest-running unshifted (by the owner) plot in the game, having not been reset since its grounding. As the world is a redelacking world, it has nearly no laws or headship, so sacking and swindling are widespread. In Winterfulth 2015, the server was bewritten to take up over 800 entish eightcleft of keep and cost $90 a month to uphold. As of Yulemonth 2019, this has risen to 6,634 entish eightcleft from over 420,475 players, nigh the world owner, who is known as Hausemaster.

In Alikewords of Worshipful Recklessness in Groovecraft (English: Analogies of Religious Violence in Minecraft), Katherine Apostolacus outlined a Groovecraft redelacking world as a manyplayer world with "low or no worldwide laws" (English: "scarce or no server-wide rules.").

Because of its oldness and its steady playerdom, 2b2t has an inthralling and manifold lore, inholding many wars. The most noteworthy of these wars is the Rusher War, fought in the Summer of 2016 by Team Afanded (English: Team Veteran) under the leadership of YouTuber FitMC and Team Rusher under the leadership of YouTuber TheCampingRusher, for whom the team and its belongers were named. Even now, the war's inflood can still be seen.

Name Edit

2b2t's name comes from a Team Stronghold world and clan 2f2f, 2forts2furious, which in turn took its name from the film 2Fast2Furious. Hausemaster was a steady player on 2f2f.

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