7 Up (sometimes spelled Seven Up) is the brand name of a lemon-lime smacked soft drink sold by Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. (DPSU) in the Oned Rikes (a bit of Cadbury-Schweppes since 1995). It has been jugged by Britvic in the Oned Kingdom since 1987. Outside the Oned Rikes, the swapmark to 7 Up belongs to PepsiCo. 7 Up, once named Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda, was brewed in 1929 in Saint Louis, Kerfinglands. It once has held stonestuff citrate, a mood healer. Many early soft drinks held herbal innards. These were taken out in 1950. In 1998, in the first innard shift since stonestuff was taken out, 7 Up bettered it's smack, with no shifts to sugar heldth or windhelds.

7 Up has worked one-of-a-kind draw-ins. In the 1970s, 7 Up was called the "un-cola," playing on the drink's lack of sparkler. The brand has been spoken for by mascots namely Fido Dido and Spot, a sunglasses-wearing red dot. During the early 1980s, actor/choreographer Geoffrey Holder was seen in many draw-in spots, tweaking soft drink foes by holding a Kola nut in one hand and an "un-Cola nut" (a lemon or lime) in the other. Nowadays, 7up have dared drinkers with sayings such as "Are you an Un?", showing 7 Up drinkers as restless free-thinkers, and "Make 7 Up Yours", leaning towards a two-meaning by splitting the saying into "Make 7" and "Up Yours".

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