A rake once broke out between the North Wind and The Sun over which was the stronger of the two. At last, and so as to settle the to-do, it was put forth that whichever of them could make a wayfarer take off his overcoat, should be looked upon as the stronger.

The North Wind was the first to mint, and blew with all his might; but the harder he blew the more the wayfarer hung onto his overcoat tighter than ever, grasping it with both hands. Then the man folded his arms over his chest to keep the wind from blowing the coat open. The North Wind soughed and sighed until at last he was utterly breathless.

Then it was the go of the Sun which smiled down upon the Earth with his warm, welcoming beams scattering the thick mist and fog. Next he warmed the chilly waters of the streams and sikes. And the wayfarer felt the soft warmth and, as the Sun shone brighter and brighter, he sat down overcome with heat, casting his overcoat onto the ground.

Then the Sun was deemed to be the winner, and it has been held ever since that kind words are better than might; and that sunshine, soft and mellow, will lay open a needy man's heart more quickly than a stormy show of strength.

-- The will of Man often is more readily sweyed by kindness than might.

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