A tiller on his death-bed, and wishing to show his sons the way to bring on good crop yields through hard work, called them to his side and said. My sons, " I am now leaving this life, but all that I have to leave to you, you will find in one of my vineyards.

The sons thinking that he was talking of some gold hoard, as soon as the old man was dead, set to work with spades, mattocks and ploughs, and carefully dug up every sod and broke open every clod, again and again. They found, for all their ado, not even a speck of gold, but in time the vines grew strongly and healthier by the thorough tilling; and, in yielding a better harvest than ever before, gave to them manifoldly.

So truly is hard work a gift.

Wise words are the best gift a father can give a child; and, moresoever, when they are given in such a way that awakes wonder leading to deed.

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