Afrosunriselandish (Afro-Sunriselandish) is the speechkin made up of about 300 or so living tungs and dialects, according to the 2009 Ethnologue reckoning. It has tungs spoken highly in the Middle East, North Highsunland, the Horn of Highsunland, and parts of the Sahel. . This speechkin / speechstock has many lims.

Boughs Edit

  • Berber
  • Chadish (Hausa)
  • Cushitish (Oromo, Somalish)
  • Egyptish
  • Omotish
  • Shemish (Akkadish, Amharish, Arabish, Old Aramish, Nowtidish Aramish, Biblical Hebrew, Nowtidish Hebrew, Phoenicish)
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