The Agenbirth was a timespan in Evelandish yore, from the H14th to the H17th, thought of as the kithshiply bridge between the Middle Eld and newfangled yore. It began as a kithshiply stir in Italy in the Middle Eldish timespan and later spread to the rest of Eveland, marking the beginning of the newfangled eld.

The bedrock of thought of the Agenbirth was its manworthiness (Mean English: humanism), begotten from the begripe of Romish Humanitas and the gainfinding of olden Greek wisdomlove, such as that of Protagoras, who said that "Man is the yardstick of all things". This new thinking became grounded in listcraft, buildcraft, lore and bookcraft.

The Agenbirth began in Fairburgh in the H14th. Many thoughtlays have been put forward for its beginnings and ties, laying weight on things such as the folkish weirdnesses of Fairburgh at the time; its mootish bedrock; its leading ilk; the Medici; and the inwandering of Greek learners and writs to Italy following the fall of Constantineborough to the Turkmen. Other headsteads were northern Italish boroughs such as Venice, Genoa, Miland, Bologna, and Rome.

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