Thi Ealond Ighlonds (Swedish: Åland) is a folkship of Finland made up of a clister of ighlonds in thi East See Baltish Sea, lyand et thi ingong tu thi Searm of Bothnland It is selfwieldand, unwormighted ond thi oanli oanspeechli-speekand Swedish folkship in Finland. Together, thi ighlonds make up thi littlest folkship of Finland, telland for 0.50% of Finland's bifolking ond 0.49% of londfold.

Thi ighlonds are made up of thi head ighlond Fasta Ealond (where 90% of thi bifolking lives) ond an ighlondclister tu thi east thet is made up of over 6500 skerries ond ighlonds. Fasta Ealond is sundered from thi shore of Sweden by 25 thousand-steps (25 miles) of open waater tu thi west. In thi east, thi Ealond ighlondclister lies allmoest agenst thi Finnish ighlondclister. Ealond's oanli lond threshold is short ond wirdli shaped: it is on thi undwelt ighlond of Märket, which it shares with Sweden.

Ealond's selfsteerand stonding meens thet thi folkshipli wield, woneli wielded on behalf of thi folkships by forstonders of thi mein Finnish steerness, are moestli wielded by Ealond's own steerness.

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