The Anglish Moot
Rich of Greatland
State of Alaska (Mean English)
Flag of Alaska.svg
Ethel Oned Riches
Headstead Floundercreek
Biggest Stead Anchorstead
Inwonername Greatlander, Shoulderlander
- Highthane
- Under-Highthane
Mike Dunleavy
Kevin Meyer
Landswathe 663,268 fs. mi (1st)
- In full
- Huddlemete
1.26/fs. mi

Greatland or Shoulderland (Eng. Alaska) is the most northern folkdom and the greatest by landspan in the Oned Riches of Emeryland. The folkdom is not fastened by land with the lower 48 folkdoms of the Oned Riches; Canada lies inbetween. Its headtown or revetown is Floundercreek (Eng. Juneau) in Southeast Greatland on the Inside Throughway (Eng. Interior Passage) which cannot be reached by road from the mainland roadnet though it is on the mainland. Its greatest town reckoned by folk is Anchorstead (Eng. Anchorage) in Mid South Greatland on the Cook Inlet. Fairbanks in the midway of the folkdom is the next greatest mothersteadish landspan in Greatland after the Anchorstead landspan. Greatland became a folkdom in 1959; before that, it was a hinterland that the Oned Riches bought from Russland in 1867.

Greatland is the only folkdom that is cut into burgs rather than shires. It is also the only folkdom of the Oned Riches that lies on the Bearish Sea. Nearly one-third of the folkdom lies above the Bearish Ring. In 1977, the Through-Greatland Hollowstem began to carry stone-oil, a ware that is now foremost in the folkdom's wealthdom. Greatland folk were reckoned at 738,432 in 2015; 15 hundredths are First Folks.

Greatland has 18 folkpaddock landspans foremost of which is Denali (or The Tall One in First-Folkish tongue). The folkdom also has two folkwoods, the Chugach in the Mid South and the Tongass in the Southeast. The Tongass is the greatest folkwood by landspan in the Oned Riches. These well-known paddocks and woods, as well as comely bergs, fair firths and and stunning icestreams, bring many sightseers every year to the folkdom and make wealth for its folk.

The reve of Greatland is Mike Dunleavy.