The Marklandish Folk Wye (Mean English: The American Civil War, Greater Anglish: Nightlander Brotherswye and other manifold names), also hight the Americkish Kith Wye, The Ricks' Wye, or in wonted Marklandish English as The Folk Wye and sometimes as the Twith Marklandish Kith Wye outside of the Foroned Ricks (alongst with sundry other names), was an inly clash which happened in the Banded Folkdoms of Americksland from 12 Eastermonth, 1861 to 9 Eastermonth, 1865 between the short-lived Agade Rikes of America and the Foroned Ricks, the latter wishing to keep all of the folkdoms together and the former wishing to uphold their way of life by way of withdrawal.

Mainsprings Edit

Shortly before the Folk Wye began, seven southern rikelings saw fit to quethe unoffhangliness from the Foroned Ricks forthwith after the mooting of the Sixteenth Forsitter and the first Ledewealthish Forsitter of the Foroned Ricks, Abraham Lincoln, the year 1860. The rikelings that withdrew were South Churlland, Greatbrook, Bloomland, Southdowns, Carlland, Loudwyeland, and Lonestarland (mark that each rikeling is listed dealing with when they withdrew). This melding of unoffhangliness by these folkdoms is said by some to have happened for manifold inthings, with the following three being the most spoken of: Lincoln willed to keep thraldom from the outer wards – something which the southern folkdoms did not hold with – the southern folkdoms felt that their way of life would be forlet, and the southern folkdoms believed that Lincoln would outlaw thraldom (mark that some of the border folkdoms did not outlaw thraldom but never withdrew). In the reckoning of the first frum, the Northern Rikelings held with Lincoln's goal of keeping thraldom out of the lands that had yet to be Folkdoms since they had already outlawed thraldom themselves, whilst the southern folkdoms were heavily against this, hence the anget why they left. The folkdoms which did not withdraw, as well as the kernelish law and the Lincoln Bewritter, forbore to acknowledge the newly-made shireship as a true ethel, as they believed that it would make the Foroned Ricks split into a mouthful of smaller lands and smirch folkship thereafter.

Overlook Edit

Shortly before the beshooting of Hillwark Sumter–which was being held by the Foroning–in Carl Towne Bay, South Curlland began on 12 Eastermonth, 1861, Forsitter Lincoln betook to edfeed the Keep and did not hide this from the Agaders whatsoever; that is to say, as soon as the Agaders knew of Lincoln's fanding to edyield the keep with hoards, the Agade Wye Inwriter, Leroy Walker, sent a bod to quethe Pierre Beauregard to onset the keep straightaway. When Carl-Towne thedged word to onslaught the hillwark, the Agade Fleet fired upon Sumter Keep at the behest of Pierre Beauregard as a fanding to take said keep for themselves. After two days, the Shireship made the ferd under the leadership of Anbight Robert Anderson yield the keep without any offsightish deaths (nere for two Foroning berns who were forheawen beway of gunware bursting alight throughout a yielding gun acknowledgement, as well as the death of an Agade horse), but it should be said that Anderson himself forheld that he only yielded beway of a lack of stockings. Soon after this, Forsitter Lincoln called forth a band of fyrdsmen, which was seventy-five thousand strong, to do away with the uprising. However, no upshot followed this calling, for border states which bidded thraldom willed not to spell wyemen at their thrall-holding kinsmen, but the rikelings above the Mason-Dixon line willingly followed Lincoln's hest. Four other rikelings made the choice to quethe themselves as Agade folkdoms following Lincoln's wyemen callings: Maidenland, Downingland, North Churlland, and Thamesland.

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