A New Orleans Hallows throwman with a football in his hands, looking to throw to a snagman

No to be taken for Altheedish Football.

Americkish football, known onefoldly as football in the Oned Rikes, is a game played on a field with an egg shaped ball, as well as the most folksy ballgame in the Oned Rikes. Each team fields 11 players, with the goal of scoring more logs than the other team.

Teams and playersEdit

Driving team Edit

The driving team is the team that owns the ball, and has the goal of driving the ball into the endbelt. While there are many likely forstallings, the driving team will often have 5 driving linemen (the left tackle, left shield, snapper, right shield, and right tackle), a throwman, runningmen, snagmen, and knaves. The five driving linemen line up on the line of cleaving at the beginning of a play, with the snapper right over the ball, the throwman behind the snapper, either right behind, or “under snapper," or at a farness, from a shotgun forstalling. The knave will often line up right next to a tackle, while a snagman will line up a little bit to the side, in the gap, or will line up wide. A runningman will line up beside the throwman in shotgun, or behind the throwman when under snapper.


The bulwark is the team that plays athwart the driving team, and has the goal of hindering the driving team from scoring. Like the driving team, the bulwark can line up in many forstallings, but there are often three gangs; bulwark linemen, linebackers, and sleuths. Bulwark linemen, which include bulwark ends and bulwark tackles, line up right athwart the driving line. Linebackers will line up behind the bulwark line, and sleuths will line up either athwart a snagman (lockmen) or deep in the bulwark’s turf (faithmen).

Skilled TeamsEdit

Skilled teams carry out sundry plays that neither the driving team nor the bulwark can. In light of this, there are sundry ways for the skilled teams to line up. Often, on the driving side of the ball, 9 or 10 men will line up on the line of cleaving, with a long snapper replacing the snapper, and the throwman not on the field or working as a holder. The two main players on skilled teams inhold the kicker and punter. On the bulwark side, the main deed is to harken the kick or punt.

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