Stead and Meanth
Flag of Amstledam
Revetung Netherlandish
Other tungs Saxish, Western Freesish
Dwellername Amstledammer
- Body
- Boroughreeve

Meanth Redemoot
Eric van der Burg
Groundwork Winterfulth 27 1275
- Meanth

84.68 miles²
Befolking 851,573 dwellers

Amstledam (Netherlandish: Amsterdam,) is the headstead and most folkful meanth of the Netherlands. Its standing as the headstead is bidden by the Forfastening of the Netherlands, although it is not the seat of the lawmoot, which is The Haw. Amstledam has a befolking of 851,373 within the stead fitting, 1,351,587 in the townish landspan, and 2,410,960 in the Amstledam mickleboroughmoot landspan, The stead is lied in the shire of North Holland in the west of the homeland but is not its headstead, which is Herlem. The mickleborough landspan makes up much of the northern bit of the Randstead, one of the bigger towncluster in Eveland, with a befolking of roughlytwisand.

Amstledam's name comes from from Amstelredammebespeakly of the stead's root around a dam in the stream Amstel. Arising as a small fishing town in the late 12th yearhundred, Amstledam became one of the most outstanding havens in the world during the Netherlandish Golden Eld (17th yearhundred), a result of its groundbreaking growths in trade. During that time, the stead was the leading heart for thrift and toughhurst. In the 19th and 20th yearhundreds the stead greatened, and many new neighborhoods and understeads were outlined and built. The 17th-yearhundred leats of Amstledam and the 19–20th yearhundred Ward Line of Amstledam are on the UNESCO World Birthright List. Since the takeover of meanth Slots in 1921 by the meanth of Amstledam, the oldest shodly bit of the stead lies in Slots (9th yearhundred).

As the businesswise headstead of the Netherlands and one of the top thriftly kernel in Eveland, Amstledam is reckoned an alpha world stead by the Worldspanning and World Steads (WaWS) swot fay. The stead is also the couthly headstead of the Netherlands. Many mickle Netherlandish bodies have their headfourths there, and seven of the world's 500 biggest fellowships, including Philips and ING, are based in the stead. In 2012, Amstledam was rowed the twoth best stead to live in by the Wealthdom Keenness Fach (WKF) and 12th worldly on kind of living for setting and belowbuilding by Mercer. The stead was rowed 3rd in newmaking by Andlandish newmaking to act 2thinknow in their Newmaking Steads List 2009. The Amstledam seaharbour to this day belives the twoth in the homeland, and the fifth biggest seaharbour in Europe. Well-known Amstledam dwellers inhold the daybooker Anne Frank, handyman Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh, and wiseman Baruch Spinoza.

The Amstledam Stock Wrixle, the oldest stock wrixle in the world, is lied in the stead midst. Amstledam's main drawings, inholding its shodly leats, the Rike's Lorestead, the Van Gogh Lorestead, the Steadlich LoresteadLonehouse Amstledam, the Anne Frank House, the Amstledam Lorestead, its red-light neighborhood, and its many hemp brew shops draw more than 5 twisand worldwide beseekers yearly. It is also the world's most manicouthly stead with at least 177 flag-wavers betokened.

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