The Anglish Moot
Anarawd, Fengle of Southrich
Fengle of Southrich
GÆ 1137-GÆ 1143
(rixed a dealth of Southrich with Normaniſh thaving)
Forerunner Gruffydd III
Aftercomer Cadell III
Wightly inſight
Death GÆ 1143
Amatch Margred ferch Cadwladog
Offspring Einon ab Anarawd
Full name Anarawd ap Gruffydd
House Dinefwr
Faðer Gruffydd III, Fengle of Southrich
Lief Romiſh Niȝholiſhneſs

Anarawd (died GÆ 1143) was a Fengle of Southrich in Southweſt Wales.


Anarawd was ðe eldeſt ſon of Fengle Gruffydd III of Southrich. On ðe death of his faðer in GÆ 1137, Anarawd took over ðe wold of Southrich.


In GÆ 1136 he and his broðer Cadell Atheling fayed thracks with ðe First of Whitland, King Owain II of Whitland and ðe latter's broðer Cadwladog Atheling in a ſtrike on Mertonburgh Stronghold which was in Normaniſh hands. Ðe ſtrike was filſted by a fleet of Wiking ſhips, but a forthward was reached and ðe umbeſetting lifted.

Flit with Canterbury[]

In GÆ 1140 Anarawd ſtutted Owain Gwynedd, ðis time in ðe flit with ðe Headoverſeeend of Canterbury about ðe asetting of an Overſeer of Bangor.

Death by ſwick[]

However, in GÆ 1143 Anarawd was ſwickfully killed by ðe men of Owain's broer Cadwladog Atheling. Cadwladog Atheling himſelf was ſtrongly forthought of having bebodden ðe killing. Ðis greatly angered Owain, for Anarawd had been a key thoft and was about to wed Owain's daughter. Owain ſent his ſon Hywel Atheling to ſtrip Cadwladog of his lands in Horeylingen in ſmiting.


Anarawd was followed on ðe highſeat of Southrick by his broðer Candell.

His ſon, Einon ab Anarawd, was killed by his own thane in GÆ 1163, seemingly at ðe behest of Roger de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford.