Angela Dorothy Merkel (Allmean Hightheech: Angela Dorothea Merkel), maiden-name Kasner, born 17 Meadowmonth 1954, is a Theech ricsman leading as High Steward of Theechland since 2005. She was leader of the middle-right Christer Folkship Band from 2000 to 2018. Merkel has been called the in truth leader of the Evelandish Band and the most mighty woman in the world.

Merkel was born in Hamburgh in then-West Theechland and wandered out to East Theechland as a young child when her father, a Lutherish bedeman, got a bedeship in Baghurstburgh. She got a learership in faxsplitlore in 1986 and worked as a delving-knower until 1989. Merkel got into ricscraft in the wake of the Overthrowings of 1989 and was briefly an under-spokesman for the first folkly chosen East Theech Lawmoot in 1990. Following Theech edforoning in 1990, Merkel was chosen to the Boundday for the boundland of Mickleborough-Forepommers, and has been edchosen ever since. As the ward of High Steward Helmut Kohl, Merkel was made Bound Thane for Women and Youth in Kohl's lawmoot in 1991, and became the Bound Thane for the Umworld, Wilderness-Orholding and Kernel Safeness in 1994. After her mootband lost the bound choosing in 1998, Merkel was chosen to be Firstreeve of the CFB before becoming the mootband's first woman allthing in 2000.

Following the 2005 bound choosing, Merkel was deemed Theechland's first woman High Steward at the head of a greatblock made up of the Christer Folkship Band, its sister mootband in Bayerland, the Christer Fellow Band, and the Fellow Folkship Band of Theechland. In the 2009 choosing the CFB got the greatest share of the choosing and Merkel made a block with the Free Folkship Band. In 2013 the Free Band lost its belongers in the Boundday and Merkel made a twithe greatblock with the Fellow Band. After the 2017 choosing the CFB was again the greatest mootband and she was edchosen to her fourth time as High Steward.

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