The Angle-Frish nosely narrowloud law is the law in speechlore by which Freesish and English lost louds like an -n- or -m- right before an -s- or -th- loud. The other Theedish tungs have not lost it, other than Low Saxish somewhat. Liken the following words:

Or-Theedish *tanþ- becomes English tooth, Old Freesish tōth (but Low Saxish Tähn, Netherlandish tand, High Theech Zahn).

Or-Theedish *anþara- becomes English other, West Freesish oar, East Freesish uur, Old Saxish āthar (but High Theech & Netherlandish ander- [þ→d]).

Or-Theedish *fimf becomes English five, West Freesish fiif, East Freesish fieuw, Netherlandish vijf, Low Saxish fiev, fief (but High Theech fünf).

Or-Theedish *samft- becomes English soft, West Freesish sêft, Low Saxish sacht, Netherlandish zacht [ft→xt] (but High Theech sanft).

Or-Theedish *gans- becomes English goose, West Freesish goes, Low Saxish Goos (but Netherlandish gans, High Theech Gans).

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