Anglesaxish (Anglesaxish: Æŋolisc) is a hue of Anglish that brooks not anly thoroughly Theedish words, but also a hally dinly spelling setup, and even edcwicens all of English’s orspringly speechcraftly forbowings, as well as edcwicening the hade setup. It also brooks the V2 word setup mar often than Mean Anglish and brings bac sum ald runes and outspeakings that wer once a bit of English. Further specmarks of Anglesaxish can be seen here in The Purified Reconstruction of English (Proposal for a New English Tung) (The Cleansed Eftbilding of English: Forthputting for a New English Tung).

Byspels of sundernesses between Anglish and Anglesaxish: Edit

Anglish Anglesaxish
Alone Alwun (alone is word for word "all one")
Anglesaxish Æŋolisc
Appel/Apple Æpol
Answer Ændswer
Anything Ænieþiŋ
Blood Blud
Borrow Borg
Day Dei
Deer Dir
Earth Urð
Edge Ecg
Everwick Efurwik
Eye Ijg
Food Fewd/Feud
Ghost Gast
Have Hæb
Home Ham
Ice Ijss
I liked it Ij jelijkd/jelijkt It
I want to give you a gift Ij want tew/teu Þie wun Gift jifen
It's Tis
It was Twas
Light Lijht (the h is gutteral like it was in Old English and the Theech "ch")
Long Laŋ/Loaŋ
Love Luf
Michael Jackson Mijkol Cgæksun/Jæksun (J being outspoken like Anglish Y)
Murder Morður (from Old English morðor, the Mean English hue was underset by Old French murdre)
Name Nam (to make it more like Old English nama. Nam is outspoken the same way as Netherlanish naam)
Next Nekst
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fifteen, Twenty, Thirty, Hundred, Thousand, Twisand, Threesand, Foursand Wun, Twij, Þrie, Fowr, Fijf, Siks, Sefin, Eiht, Nijn, Ten, Elefin, Twelf, Þurtiin, Fiftiin, Twentie, Þurtie, Hundrid, Þausind, Twijsind, Þriesind, Fowrsind
Only Wunlie (by analogy of the nowen outspeaking of one)
Queen Kwiin
Roger Raðgur (benewed hue of Old Ennglish "Hrōðgār"
Sorry Sarie
The Banded Folkdoms of Emmericsland Þa Emerikisc Bændid Folkdums (the l in Folk is outspoken)
The King's Þæs Kiŋes
The Oned Kingdom Þa Wund/Wunt Kiŋdum
Through Þurh (edcwicened from Old English)
Time Tijd (same outspeaking as Mean Anglish "Tide")
Winners of the world Wurld Winuras
Wonderful Wundurfol
Wrath Ræð
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