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Anglish sp. English
Abear vbTo tolerate, to abide, to bear, carry.
Above board adjOpen, honest: "above the table" said of card-players who keep their hands above the table to avoid the risk of being accused of cheating.
Above one's bent phrBeyond one's ability or bent (bent) or lit. beyond one grasp.
Above oneself adjOver-confident, pushy, usu of one normally more self-effacing.
Abroad adjIn error, confused, wide of the mark. 2. of convicts, lags, transported to a penal colony.
Abroaded adjLiving in exile in a place other than the Britain. 2. transported to a penal colony. 3. imprisoned in a penal colony.
Acknowledge the malt phr Admit the error. 2. confess the crime.
Acorn-calf nOf animals and people: a runt, a weakling. (a belief that a cow that ate too many acorns produced weak off-spring.
Acorns nThe testicles
Acre foot adjLarge-footed.
Addle vbTo earn by one's own labour.
Addled adjDrunk, intoxicated.
Afloat adjDrunk, intoxicated, shickered.
Afternoon(s). nThe buttocks, esp. when large, shapely and female.
Afters nPudding, dessert, sweets, any food or part of a meal that comes after the main course.
After-tears nPost-funeral celebrations; a wake.
Afterthought nYoungest child of a family, conceived long after its sibling. 2. an unexplained pregnancy.
Against the pluck phrReluctantly, against the grain.
Aginner nOne who deliberately takes an opposition stance, usu. out of envy or spite. 2. contrarian.
A-go-gonA disco or other place for dancing.
A-go-go adjAs modifier in " A-go-go" dance fans. 2. a rapid and head-spinning tempo, craziness; faddish, modern, in the newest style, latest, trendy. 3. 'his a-go-go thoughts about love and sexual freedom."
Aginner nOne who deliberately takes an opposition stance, usu out of envy or spite. 2. a contrarian.
Ahead of the game phrIn a winning or advantageous position.
Ain't down with phrNot comfortable with or do not like a particular situation.
Ain't Nothing to It phrThere's no problem, everything is simple; used in response to the question 'how are you doing.'
Ain't Nothing You Can Tell Me, That I Don't Already Know" phr - I'm right, already know - your wrong.
Aled adjDrunk, intoxicated, aled-up.
Ale-knight nA drunkard.
Ale-spinner nA brewer; a manufacturer of beer and wine. 2. publican.
Alf nAn unsophisticated nationalistic male, (made obsolete by the term "ocker") Nb: from Alfred.
A-licker nA sycophant, an arse-licker.
Alive adjAware, in the know about a criminal activity or job.
Alive and well and living in...phrUse to denote that, despite the rumours to the contrary, someone or something is flourishing; esp. used of faded celebrities or once popular inventions, fads, etc.
All-and-all nOne best clothes or outfits.
All-and-all phrEverything else and everything connected and all.. 2. in total. 3. one's wife.
All-anymore adjUsed up, finished, gone, spent.
All-at-sea phrConfused, disorientated. 2. drunk.
All broke Out With the Blues" phrdepressed, low in spirit.
All by One's Lonesome phrAlone, by oneself.
All creeped up phrFrightened, afraid, scared.
All day and night nA prison term.
All-ears phrVery eager to hear, keenly attentive,
All ends upphrEasily, utterly, without difficulty.
All-firedadjVery much so, extremely, particularly excessively as an intensifier, as in "all-fired up." 2. all-firedly.
All for it phrVery keen, up for it.
All get out phrVery much, to a great extent. 2. the extreme or absolute case of what is indicated. 3. overwhelmingly.
All Gone to Hell phrFinancially ruined.
All good phrEverything is fine.
All-hallows nThe tolling place, presumably the place where horse or other types of thief struck their targets, chiefly clergyman.
All hands nAll concerned; the entire group or team. "All hands to the plow."
All hell broke loose phrThings became very dangerous, wild, tumulutous.
All inadjExhausted, tired,drunk. 2. of an object: dilapidated, run down. 3. everything.
All in but one's shoestrings phrUtterly exhausted.
All in the eye phrNonsense, humbug.
All kinds of phrA great deal. 2. a sundry of things.
All know adjLike a bookworm. 2. bookish. 3. a know-all.
All'knowningish adjHaving an awesome wisdom, and a vast amount, almost all, of intelligence.
All mouth adjTalkative and unreliable.
All my eye phrUtter, absolute nonsense. 2. all eye and my elbow. 3. all my whiskers.
All-nighter nA prostitute's client who pays for a whole night's sex. 2. aanything that lasts all night, whether work, study, transport, entertainment.
All-night man nA body-snatcher. 2. resurrectionist.
All of a glow phrFeeling pleasantly warm: 'horses sweat, men perspire, ladies glow.'
All of a sweat phrOf footpaths in a town: muddy, wet, slushy.
All one's born days phrAt any time at all.
All on top phrThat a lie is not so.
All-outadjHolding nothing about; sparing nothing; an all-out effort. 2. exhausted. 3. vigorous, zealous.
All-out war nWarfare involving total mobilization of weapons and troops.
All overphrVery affectionate; eagerly amorous; making physical advances, often when not desired. 2. Aggressively smothering or battering, assaulting. 3. dead, finished.
All-over nFeeling of unease, illness that extends through one's body. 2. a thorough inspection, a lengthy visual assessment: " the once-over." 4. a generalised intensive for either best or worst, as in all-over wonderful or all over-dreadful.
All over adjAbsorbed in, obsessed by, 'as all over oneself: extremely self-satisfied.
All-over-each-other-ness nA gropy, feely, public display of affection, a thing that many of us don't like to see.
All-overish adjFeeling a little unwell, usually as a forerunner to an acute attack of some illness.
All-overishness adjThe feeling of being slightly unwell, usually as a forerunner to a full-blown attack of some illness. 2. a sensation of feeling unwell.
All over oneself phrExtremely self-satisfied.
All-overs nA nervy, jittery or uncertain feeling. 2. feelings of irritation 3. a sick or unwell feeling. 3. feeling of ill-health.
All over the board phrEccentric, unstable.
All over the lot phrVery confused and inconsistent; confused.
All over the shop phrIn a great mess, confused or in chaos. 2. all over the lot.
All rightinterjAn exclamation of strong approval, especially of something well done or successful.
All-rightadjGood, commendable, of the proper sort.
All-right advSafely, securely.
All right for some phrAn attack of envy or jealousy directed at others whose fortunes seem better than one's own.
All right up to now phrSo far, so good. 2. up to the present time, things are going well.
All right already phrA comment protesting that one has heard or had enough or a bit too much.
All setadjReady to go; prepared or ready to undertake a project or some action.
All seven advEverything or almost everything required.
All sharpened up nWell dressed, sartorially splendid.
All-shot adjWorn-out, wearied, exhausted, stuffed.
All Show and No-go" phr used to describe someone who cannot back appearances withs actions or deeds.
All that nVery important influential person. 2. to overestimate one's important, as " one thinks one is all that." 3. an object excellent and wonderful. 4. a person in possession of all good qualities.
All-thatadvMore so, in additional, additionally.
All that and then some phrSomeone or something considered absolutely excellent.
All the go phrModern, chic, fashionable.
All thereadjSane, right in the mind; intelligent, together; opposite: "not all there." 2. honest, reliable. 3. as desired, satisfactory. 4. smart, aware. 5.
All the Twos nThe number twenty-two (22); thus all the threes, (33), all the fours, (44), up to 99.
All the wayphrWithout reservation; to the end. 2. a general term of agreement, of encouragement and support.
All the way down phrAbsolutely right, completely suited.
All the way there phrReliable, honest.
All-time adjThe greatest, the tops, the very best, all the best, the most memorable on record.
All-timer nThe best or greatest example of, an "all-time" record.
All to bitsphrShattered, broken.
All thumbsphrVery awkward, inept, clumsy.
All togetherphrTo arrange one's life and affairs properly; integrate and focus oneself. 2. have it all together.
All-up adjRuined, finished, defeated. 2. dead, as 'it all up (over) with John Brown."
All up with phrOf a plan or project, destroyed, ruined, pointless, doomed, without hope. 2. of a person, doomed, bankrupt, hopeless.
All washed up phruseless, exhausted, failed. (a theatrical term, finished for night, with paint removed.)
All wet adjCompletely, totally mistaken.
Already advWithout further ado; such being the case. 2. right now; at once. 3. very specifically, precisely. (used for a humorous, somewhat exasperated effect.)
Also-rannContestant or competitor who makes a poor showing. 2. a person, competitive product, etc. that does not succeeed. 3. a person of mediocre talent; a useless person, a failure.
Altogether n"The Altogether." nude, bare, naked, starkers.
Among the missing phrAbsent; also to absent oneself.
Anchor nA young person, typically a younger sibling or babysitter, who inhibits one's pleasure or freedom of movement. 2. an unattractive person (the usage by teenagers is probably a play on the name 'Anchor' a popular brand of butter in the UK).
Anchorman nA principle member of a team of news broadcaster who serves as a narrator and whose function is to introduce 'outside'reporters and presenting synopses of their reports.
Anchors nBrakes on a motor vehicle.
And a half phrAn intensifier, as " a dog and a half.
And don't you forget it phrAn exclamation used to denote a critical or admonitory statement.
And how interj & exclAn interjection of emphatic agreement or confirmation. 2. excl or interj. to a superlative degree; to a great extent; to a large amount; on a large scale. "the high-roller is gambling away his wealth, and how" And how emphasizes and intensifies any statement that precedes.
And I don't mean maybephrUsed to affirm one's faith or sentiment.
And that no lie phrA phrase used to identify a previous statement, esp when the speaker he or she is being implausible.
And that that's phrA statement of finality; when modified as well, 'that's that' then implies an air of regret.
And things phrEtcetera.
Angel nA prostitute, sex-worker, skank, harlot, harridan (Orig. applied only those prostitutes who plied their trade near "Angel" drinking house in Islington, London). 2. a young woman, esp. a pretty one. 3. a young homosexual companion.
Angel nThe prospective victim of a scam, swindle, confidence trick. 2. one who financially backs a scheme esp. one who puts his money into a theatrical show or stage production. (my father angeled one of Fitzpatrick's plays.) 3. a person who contributes to a politician's campaign fund. 4. a homosexual.
Angel dustnNarcotics, as a mixture of cocaine, heroin, and morphine, which can be smoked or injected. 2. tobacco, marijuana, mixed with phencyclidine. 3. finely cut up marijuana. 4. synthetic heroin. 5. angel mist.
Angel kisses nFreckles (freckling being the sign of angelic affection).
Angel lust n(slang) death erection: the source of an erection in a corpse.
Angel maker nAn abortionist. 2. any weapon that causes death.
Ankle nTo walk, travel. 2. in TV and film dissociate oneself from a performance.
Ankle a show phrWalk out during a performance.
Ankle-biter nA small child - crawling around at ankle height. 2. a small minded bureaucrat.
Ankle-spring warehouse nThe stocks.
Another good man gone phrA phrase used by male friends on the announcement of a man's engagement to be married.
Answer nTo score in a sport immediate or soon after an opponent has scored.
Anybody in There?phr - do you have any intelligence?
Anyhow advIndifferently, carelessly. 2. disorganized, messy.
Any old phrDerogatory, having only ordinary or mediocre quality. 2. of no special distinction. 3. anything, whatever, a broad term of vagueness.
Any old howphrIn any case, whatever, no matter what. 2. in any case; in any way or manner whatever or however. 3. in any way not very good, not perfect, all over the place, without method or plan. 4. in random fashion; unmethodical.
Any old thing phrIn any manner what.
Anything for a laugh phrA slightly regretful. ironic phrase usually to justify something one does through necessity or desperation rather than choice.
Anything goes phrAnything is acceptable, permissible.
Anytown nA notional town that represent the appearance or value of a stereotypical small town.
AnywhenadvAt any time
AnywhyadvFor any reason
ApenAn extremely strong and pugnacious hoodlum; a strong arm man, goon, muscleman. 2. the best or greatest, the ultimate.
Ape adjStupid and destructive; irrational, crazy.
Ape phr"Go Ape" - revert to ape-like behavior. 2. to become overly-excited.
Ape-hangers nMotorcyclists. 2. high swooping motorcycle handlebars.
Ape-head nA fool, idiot, stult.
Ape-out vbTo lose control, to act in a wild manner.
Apple nA man, fellow. 2. a ball, esp. a baseball. 3. a street or district where excitement can be found. 4. any large town or city, as The Big Apple" or "The Apple" - New York. 5. a Native American who has taken on the values, behavior of the white community. (red on the outside but white on the inside.)
Apple nAnyone who doesn't take drugs (an apple-for-the-teacher mentality)
Apple-blossom-two-step nDiarrhea, often contacted on an overseas holiday.
Apple-cart nThe human body.
Apple headnIdiot, fool, halfwit.
Apple-knocker nA unsophisticated rustic or rural person.
Apple-monger nA pimp, panderer.
Apple-ready adjReady or vulnerable to be fleeced, fooled, deceived, cheated on.
Apples phr"She'll be apples" - satisfactory, ok, it will be fine.
Apple shine phrTo curry favor, to toady, to act as a sycophant.
Apples to ashes phrAn absolute certainty or sure thing.
Apple up vbTo toady, curry favor.
Are you ready phrImplying surpise, amazement, or shock, both approving and disapproving.
Ark floaternA veteran actor.
Arky adjOld fashion, daggy, out-of-date. 2. archaic.
Arm nInfluence, power, muscle. 2. armed robbery.
Armed for bearphrReady and willing for a battle, conflict or simply a fight or an argument. 2. to be very heavily armed (the killing of a bear needs powerful weapons)
Armpit nA very undesirable place; geographical nadir, as "my home town is the armpit of the world." 2. the most slummy, rundown and often crime-ridden area of a city or town.
Armstrong nAnything operated or worked by hand rather than machinery.
Armstrong heater nArms when embracing a loved-one.
Arnchy nOne who 'tickets' on himself - 'aren't you the one.' 2. one who puts on airs.
Armwaver nA politician. 2. an excitable or emphatic person.
Arse nAn unpleasant person, whose actions cause him to be disliked.
Arse nA woman viewed as a sexual object. 2. cheek, effrontery, brashness.
Arse vbTo behave in a mnanner rude and unacceptable, 'be an arsehole'.
Arse phr"Give someone the arse." - to dismiss from one's job or employment.
Arse-backwards adjTo do things out of order or back to front.
Arse-busting adjTiring, exhausting, debilitating.
Arse-endnThe end, the rear end. 2. the least desirable piece. 3. the least appealing place, as in the "arse end of the world; the arse end of nowhere."- armpit, or an arse-hole of a place.
Arse-hammer nA motor-cycle, owing to the pounding one receives on one's buttocks when riding a motorcycle.
Arse-hole nThe anus. 2. an unpleasant person.
Arse-hound nWomaniser, philander, playboy, cassanova.
Arse-kiss nTo fawn; to court favor in a self-abasing way.
Arse-licker nA sycophant, toady, crawler.
Arseness nWilful stupidity.
Arse up vbTo make a mess of something, fail to do something satisfactorily.
Arse-ways adjAskew-whiff, back-to-front.
Arse-wipe nTiolet paper.
Arse-wiper nA sycophant, a toady, a suck
Arse-wise adjAbsurd, illogical, ridiculous, ludicrous.
Arsy adjLucky, fortunate, flukey.
As all get-out phrVery much get out, to a very great extent.
As and whenphrIn the end, eventually. 2. if at all possible. 3. as it happens and when it happens.
As anything phrVery much so.
As a starter phrTo begin with.
As for itphrTo behave in a way that invites or provoke or/and deserves trouble.
Ash-blower nA cowardly man who avoids military service to stay at home and tend to the fire.
Ashcan nA depth-charge.
Ashcan nAn unpleasant person. 2. the buttocks.
Ashcan vbTo discard, throw away. 2. a depth-charge.
Ash-cat nA dirty, unkempt child, as if covered by ash. 2. a sickly child with an ashen look or complexion. 3. a thin, wasted, ragged Black person.
Ashy adjPalefaced, white, ashen-faced.
As if exclA disbelief, I don't believe you; you're kidding.
As I live by bread phrA general phrase of emphasis, underlining the probity of one's statements and actions (bread as the staff of life)
As isphr Under the present circumstances or situation; in the present form; conditions as they are, no change "You can't do any better as is."
Ask nA request.
Ask for it phrTo behave in such a way, that negative or adverse or troublesome outcome will follow.
Asleep at the wheel phrNot concentrating on, or paying attention to, whatever one is doing.
Ass backwards advIn reverse order. 2. in a confused manner; sometimes used as 'bass ackwards'.
Assishness nPure stupidity.
As you were phrSettle down, control yourself, calm down. 2. slow down. 3. take another look; think about it again.
Ate the bolts phrOne who loves work.
At first gophrAt the get-go; start or beginning.
At full bottle phrDoing something at maximum speed and sometimes noisily.
At good ready phrAt you direction or when ready. 2. totally, absolutely, indeed, certainly.
At it advTaking part in sexual intercourse. 2. involved in criminal or illegal matters.
At a loose endphrAimlessly unoccupied; wanting in direction; uncertain where you're at. 2. out of work, unemployed.
Atop of the housephrIn a state of excitement.
At sixes and sevens phrIn or at a state of turmoil, disorder and chaos.
At sparrow's crow phrDawn, aurora, sunrise, dayrim.
At the deathphrAt the finale, end, culminate, conclusion.
At the drop of a hat phrStraight away, immediately, eventually.
At topsphrIn the best condition; at best
Awake to vbBe awake to: quick to see through a scam or deception.
Awash adjDrunk, intoxicated.
Away adjPrison (underworld.); at the put-away, in jail; away-inside. 2. escaped from prison. 3. dead, deceased.
Away advImmediately, without delay, forthwith, without hesitation, right away.
Away laughing nIn a good position, especially when embarking on a new venture.
Away to the hills phrMentally unbalanced, crazy, loopy.
Awesome adjExcellent, great.
Axe nAn electric guitar.
Axe vbTo dismiss someone from a job, team, relationship. 2. fire, as in in give someone the axe. 3. to eliminate, cut. 4. any musical instrument, esp. the saxophone, perhaps because of an axe's shape or it's sound when someone is using it to chop.
Axe-god nA legendary electric guitarist who inspires hero-worship with his/her musical technique.
Axeholder nThe hand.
Axeman nA musician esp. a guitarist.
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