>Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Fair-headedadjA favourite son or man
Fair-shakenTo give it a fair s. or equal treatment, same chance as others
Fall downvbTo fail in an undertaking
Fall-drunk adjVery intoxicated; stone-drunk.
Fall forvbTo like, to be impressed by
Fanger nOral surgeon.
Fast lifenA life of dissipation and excitement
Fast-onenA frame up, a clever swindle
Fat land nA country or region where the people are fat or obese owing to overeating.
Fed upphrHad too much of it; disgusted, profoundly annoyed
Fed-upnessnA state of oversatiation and disgust; fed-upness.
FeednA meal
Feed and seed phr(Medical)the care of vegetative patients.
Felt outphrSounded out; pumped for information
FiendnDevotee, an enthusiastic supporter, such as an art afficinado. 2. a clever student. 3. a general term of praise for any person or thing.
Fiender nA drug addict.
Fiending and fearing adjOf a person producing diabolical fear and fearing in others.
Fiendish adjExcellent, wonderful, admirable.
Fiend on vbTo show off, outdo a rival.
FilmdomnThe movie world
FingernA police informer
Fingersmith nGynecologist.
Finger-wave nRectal examination.
Fireburner nA zealot.
FiredppDismissed, sacked, discharge from duty
FirewaternIntoxicating liquor
FireworksnA shoot-out, gun play. 2. bombast, an oratory display
Firing linenThe line from which soldiers fire their weapons at a target; especially the front line of troops in a battle. 2. a row of shooters. 3.(idiomatic) the vanguard of an activity.
First runnPremiere of a movie
Fishmonger's daughter nA whore, prostitute, street-worker.
FistyadjAngry; peevish; touchy.
Flesh creepnThe shudders, shivers
Flesh shownA striptease show; a revue featuring nude or semi-nude dancers
Flicks n"The Flicks" - cinema, movies, pictures ('the flickering box': T.V german calque).
Fly-by-night outfitphrAn impermanent and unreliable business concern
Fly of the handlephrTo lose one's temper; to become angry
FoldvbTo cease, to close, to show or do no more, to quit
FollowershipnAbility and willingness to follow a leader
For a songphrCheap; at a low price
Forget itphrPay no further attention; drop the matter; let it go; stop talking; be quiet
Fox phrSexy, voluptuous, sensual, erotic, luscious woman.
FoxyadjSexy, voluptuous, sensual, erotic, luscious.
FreadrightennLord and master (<OE frēadrihten) pl: freadrightnas (<OE fréadrihtnas)????(Can't find this word in any slang dictiobnary as far back as 1936. More appropriate to include this entry in the Anglish wordbook
Free One's Hips phrTo copulate or have sexual intercourse.
Free holder nA sex worker's lover, or a pimp supported by a sex worker.
Freedom seekersnDivorce seekers
Free-wheelingadjOf a person, moving about freely, independently, or irresponsibly. 2. of words, remarks, actions, etc. unrestrained; irresponsible, loose.
Freeze outphr vbTo exclude a person; to force a person to withdraw, a forced exclusion or withdrawal
FreshadjImpudent, insolent
Friending for phrTo be friending for: wishing to be intimate with; desire intensely.
From way backphrSince long ago, from a much earlier time; also superior or outstanding, as" He is a teacher from way back."
FuckwitnAn unintelligent person (see " Dimwit", "Dipshit", "Fucknugget", and "Shithead")
Fuck off!phrGo away!
Full housenAll seats or spaces taken, entirely full, completely full.
Full as phr(Australian) in various phrases meaning very drunk, all starting with full as - as full as a boot.
Full-bottomed adjHaving large buttocks.
Full feather nOne's best clothes.
Full-fledged adjOf a virgin, ripe for defloration.
Full-growner nan adult.
Full guts nFat-bellied or fat stomached person.
Full house nA very busy time.
Fully nAn automatic weapon; short for fully automatic weapon.
Full in the belly phrPregnant.
Full moon nThe bared buttocks, exhibited in public.
Full mouth nA very talkative.
Full-mouthed adjBad-mannered, unrestrained.
Fullness adv"To the Fullness" - absolutely, completely, totally.
Furrow nThe vagina; see 'furrow'
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