> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp English
Hack n An attempt, try, endeavor. OE: to chop, cut or cut into or through crudely.
Hack vb To annoy, irritate.
Hack vb To tinker with a computer system for pleasure and proof of one's expertise. 2. to gain unauthorized access to a computer system usually for illegal purposes.
Hacker n An enthusiast for using computers as an end in itself. 2. one who uses their computer skills to try to gain unauthorized access to computer systems
Hacking n The use of computers for pleasure. 2. the unauthorized access of computer systems.
Hack it vb To manage, to tolerate, to bear or cut through a difficulty, solve or work out a problem.
Hack it out phr To work out a problem, devise a plan.
Hackle n Courage, pluck, bravery; show a hackle: be willing to stand and fight.
Hackles n Whiskers.
Had adj Tricked, hoaxed, deceived. 2. seduced.
Hadland n One who has lost land they once possessed.
Hail-fellow-all-wet n A jocular reference to a drunkard. Based on 'hail-fellow-well-meet,' where 'hail' means 'healthy.'
Hair in the butter phr A delicate situation.
Hair of the Dog/Wolf phr A hangover cure that consists of drinking more alcohol that created the hangover.
Haired-up adj Annoyed, furious, upset.
Hair-head n A long Haired man; a hippie.
Hair-hopper n A woman who frequently changes her hair style.
Hair-monger n A womaniser.
Hair to sell phr Use of a woman prepared to prostitute herself.
Hairy adj Difficult, bad, unsatisfactory. 2. excellent, outstanding; stylish. 3.strange, weird, complicated. 4. dangerous. 5. sexy.
Hairy-heeled adj Socially inferior.
Hairy wheel n Pudendum. 2. male genitals.
Half phr "In Half a Shake" - in a moment.
Half phr "To Half Step" - to make a feeble effort. 2. to act in an ineffectual manner. 3. to looaf, idle.
Half-a-foot n A person with a prosthetic leg.
Half and between phr Of a person slightly, eccentric or mad.
Half a stretch away phr Half a block away; near or close by. 2. a stone throw away.
Half-away adj Not all there, mad, insane; half-there.
Half-baked adj Hastily prepared, inadequate, incomplete, inchoate
Half-blind adj Intoxicated with alcohol.
Half-canned adj Slightly intoxicated.
Half-cocked adj Second-rate, not fully capable, unfinished. 2. to start something without proper preparation. 3. to turn out wrongly or messed up.
Half-gone adj Simple, stupid
Half-hard adj Not very intelligent.
Half inch vb To approach slowly
Half-shake n A moment, second, heart beat
Half smart adj Silly, stupid, unpredictable or reckless
Half step vb To make a feeble effort. 2. to loaf, idle.
Half-stepper n One who cannot be depended upon.
Half-strain adj A mongrel
Half-there adj Simple, stupid, not all there.
Half-way house n A boarding house or place offering, short-term accommodation.
Half-way strainer n A social climber
Half-wide adj Immoral. 2. reasonably intelligent, aware what goes on and so, in certain circumstances, corruptible.
Halter n A hangman's noose.
Halter-broke adj Timid, submissive, unadventurous, (as a horse, used to the halter)
Halvies n Equal shares.
Halvers n "Go Halvers"
Hammer n The accelerator of a car. 2. a heavy puncher. 3. unfair and ongoing criticism
Hammer vb To hurt physically; beat up. 2. to drive at a maximum speed. 3. to solicit money.
Hammer and nail phr To beat up severely, hammer
Hammered adj Drunk. 2. intoxicated by drugs. 3. to subject to carping and constant criticism.
Hammered down phr Of little worth or note, insignificant. 2. short, squat and stunted.
Hammer-head n Someone not very intelligent or mentally alert.
Hammer into phr Attack, beat up.
Hammerish adj Very well aware.
Hammer lane n Overtaking traffic lane.
Hammer man n An authoritarian.
Hammer on phr To reiterate, nag
Hand n A person, as a cool hand or loose hand. 2. an expert, usually, combining with a defining adjective.
Hand vb Tell with an intent to deceive
Hand and fist phr never truncated.
Handcuff n An engagement ring
Handful n A difficult person or child.
Hand in one's chips phr To die, pass away.
Hand it to Someone phr Acknowledge someone's ability or superiority; admit defeat>
Hand it To phr Accept someone else's achievements (particularly whwn one has little respect for the one concerned). 2. see "got to hand to"
Handle n A name; one's name. 2. a nickname. 3. nose.
Handle vb
Handle like a foot phr Clumsy, badly-shaped handwriting.
Handles n The fat around one's waist.
Hand-me-downs n. Second hand clothing.
Hand-me-down shop n A shop that sells second-hand goods and items at a low cost.
Hands off excl Leave it alone
Hand-out n Food or money given to beggars.
Hand out vb Food or money given to the needy.
Hand out a line phr To deceive through a cunning story or excessive charm.
Hand over fist phr Rapidly, readily, 2. large quantities, usually of making money.
Hand-picked adj First-class, choice, select
Handshake n Tip or bribe, given surreptitiously; as a golden handshake, green handshake
Handshaker n An insincere person; a swindler.
Hands off phr A way of doing things that distance the performer from the subject of the action.
Handsome excl A general term of approval, wonderful.
Hand someone the cold and frosty phr Reject, reject.
Handstaff n The handle of a flail.
Hand to fist phr One after the other
Handy adj Useful
Handy for phr Near to, close at hand, convenient to
Hang n +
Hang vb
Hang by one's eyebrows/eyelids phr To maintain a position with great difficulty. 2. hang by the skin of one's teet
Hang-down n The flaccid state of the penis.
Hanger n Wallet hanging from a pocket, thus ready for pickpocketing
Hangers n Gloves
Hang-in n Influence
Hanging-bee ? n Public execution
Hang in the bell ropes phr To postpone a marriage even after the banns have been read in the church.
Hang in the hedge phr Be undecided, fence sit
Hang in there phr To maintain a position, usually with implications of surrender.
Hang it all on one's back phr Of a woman who display wealth by wearing extravagant dress and jewellry
Hang it on phr To tease, rib, criticise someone
hang (it) out phr Endure
Hang it up phr To give up, accept defeat. 2. accept that what one hoped to achieve will not be realised.
Hang one on phr Hit or punch someone.
Hang oneself out phr Take a risk
Hang one's hat up phr Retire from one's place of employment.
Hang one's lip phr Have a bad temper, sulk, become morose
Hangout n A crooks' rendezvous or hideout. 2. a dwelling place, a home.
Hang out vb To live, exist, be found or situate at, endure. 2. to meet at a place on a regular basis. 3. to idle away time with others.
Hang out cool phr Take things in life casually.
Hangover n The after-effects of alcohol
Hang the moon phr To be very important. 2. to be conceited, think highly of oneself.
Hang tough n A rough and tough person.
Hang tough vb To be aggressive, confrontational,
Hang tough adj Very aggressive, stubborn, obstinate.
Hang-up n An emotional concern or problem. 2. neurosis, obsession.
Hang up vb To end a telephone call
Hang up one's fiddle phr To stop what one is doing. 2. to retire.
Hang up one's gloves phr
Hang up one's harness phr To retire, die, pass away
Hang up one's hat phr To reire, to die.
Hang up one's ladle phr To get married: the bride brings kitchen implements to hang up in her new home.
Hang with vb Associate or spend time.
Hard-back n Approaching middle age or older. 2. used of one who should know better (the onset of back problems with middle age.
Hard-baked adj Strong, resistant, unrelenting.
Hard-body n A physically, sexually attractive male.
Hard-doer n An eccentric character who never gives up despite an circumstances. 2. an amusing fellow a good sport.
Hard down adj Truthful, genuine, dependable.
Hard down adv Truly, really, genuinely.
Hard-ears n Disobedience; one who refuses to listen. 2. obstinate, stubborn.
Hard-eyes adj Unpleasant look, disapproving state.
Hard-nosed adj Stubborn
Hard hat n A construction worker.
Hard hitting adj Smart, fashionable
Hard lines n Bad luck, misfortune.
Hard-mouth vb Slander, attack verbally.
Hard man n A thug, a professionally violent person. 2. one who hads high opinion of his own powers, usually physical.
Hard neck n Cheek; impudence, thus a person who displays such chaaracteristics.
Hard-nosed adj Uncompromising, unyielding, extreme. 2. common-sensible, practical, pragmatic
Hard nut n A tough person, a dangerous enemy; anything difficult to achieve - as a hard nut to crack
Hard pan n Fundamental, conservative, as get down to hard pan get down to basics, come down to fundamentals.
Hard put phr In financial difficulties.
Hard rock n A physically tough person. 2. an emotionally tough person. 3. crack cocaine.
Hard run n A poor financial position.
Hard shell n Uncomprimising fundamental,unswerving conservative, a set-in-stone thinker.
Hard tail phr A mule
Hard talk n To employ pressure tactics in a marketing or sales pitch. 2. deep and persistent questioning during interview or press conference.
Hard time n A long and severe prison sentence.
Hard time vb To harass: to hard time, as 'give a hard time'
Hard-timer n One serving a long and severe sentence. 2. some one who wears worn out clothes.
Hard up adj Poor and impoverished. 2. unableto attract a partner. 3. a cigarette made from the discarded ends of others.
Hard up for phr Badly at a loss for
Hardupness n Poverty, impoverishment.
Hard walk n A swagger
Hardware n Weapons, firearms
Hardword n To make demands, (especially financial or sexual )of someone.
Harkers n The ears
Has-been n One once successful, but now waning in skills and ability
Hat-time n The end of a day's work
Hat up vb To exit, leave (put on one's hat).
Hatched-up phr Invented, concoct or devise, but often not factual
Have n A swindle, hoax, confidence trick.
Have vb Deceive, trick, cheat. 2. to seduce
Have a bellyful phr
Have a bit of Rough phr Have sexual intercourse
Have a bit on phr Have a wager
Have a busy foot phr Of a horse, to be a fast mover. 2. to be a quick mover.
Have a catfish's death phr Drown oneself
Have a chip on one's shoulder phr
Have a crack phr To attempt, try at.
Have a downer on phr To bear a grudge
Have a down on phr To be hostile towards, to be prejudiced against.
Have a field day phr To have a task or problem turn out to be quite simple. 2. to have a great and unopposed success.
Have a few phr To a drink one too many.
Have a field day phr To have a task or problem turn out to be infinitely simple. 2. to have a great and unopposed success.
Have a flea in one's ear phr To be reprimanded. 2. to be angry. 3. to fail in one's intentions.
Have a fly at phr
Have a foot in the dish phr Get a share in. 2. become involved in
Have a good innings" phr To live a long life.
Have a fishy eye" phr To have a glazed eye. 2. to look at suspiciously.
Have a go phr To try, endeavour, attempt.
Have a go at phr To attack verbally and physically.
Have a go phr To take a turn, have a spell at.
Have a go at someone phr To confront, criticise, insult.
Have a good innings phr To live a good innings
Have a gut like a crane phr To be very thirsty
Have a hate on phr To dislike greatly, loathe.
Have a heart phr Don't be cruel. 2 have pity on
Have a hit on phr Of one or of an undertaking :make an impact on.
Have a lark phr Have a lot of fun, especially at the expense of another.
Have a laugh of phr To outwit, get the better of.
Have a line on phr
Have a Loan of phr Treat like a fool. +
Have an axe to grind phr
Have an egg in the nest phr To be pregnant
Have an in phr To have special contacts.
Have an itch in the Belly phr
Have an oar in everyman's boat phr To interfere in other people's life and affairs
Have a put-in phr
Have a ring through one's nose phr
Have a see phr Take a look at, glance
Have a sheet short phr To be mentally unstable or deficient
Have a short at phr
Have a shy at phr Throw or take an aim at.
Have a spark in on's throat phr To be thirsty
Have a swollen head phr To be arrogant, conceited.
Have a thing with phr Have a love affair with
Have a tin ear phr To be musically or tone deaf
Have a tongue in one's head phr Ready to speak one's mind. 2.to be sarcastic.
Have a tongue to long for one's mouth phr To be outspoken, to be indiscreet
Have a wet arse and no fish phr To have been on a worthless endeavour
Have a wink in one's eyes phr To be sleepy, drowsy, nodding off
Have been (standing)in the sun too long phr
Have by the toes phr To hold securely
Have cobwebs phr To have lived a life of celibacy (for a long time)
Have cobwebs in one's throat phr Cobweb throat: the dryness in the throat after over consumption of alcohol.
Have cold feet phr
Have down cold phr Know something thoroughly.
Have ears phr Listen
Have eyes for phr To desire, wish for, usually sexually
Have fireworks in the brain phr To be emotionally disturbed
Have five minds phr
Have got knocked in the cradle phr To be born stupid; to be a fool
Have got something on somebody phr
Have got something on the winkle phr
Have got the game by the throat phr
Have got them all on phr Be very well dressed
Have guts in one's brain phr
Have had enough phr To have over-consumed alcohol; to be drunk
Have had it phr
Have had it up to here phr Exasperated, lost patience with
Have had it with phr To be annoyed, lost patience with
Have hairs on phr Out of date, dated, no longer thought to be funny
Have it phr
Have it away with phr
Have it coming phr
Have it in for phr To bear a grudge, to feel hostile towards
Have it knocked phr
Have it made in the shade phr
Have it out phr
Have it so good phr
Have it till hell ... phr
Have it out of somebody phr
Have it out with phr
Have mind to phr Be determined to do something. 2. have courage or be brave
Have more guts than brains phr
Have no head phr To be reckless, irresponsible, hare-brained
Have no life phr
Have-not n
Have no time for phr
Have-on n Swindle, scam, hoax
Have one beat phr
Have one foot in the grave ? phr
Have one's foot on the road phr Often traveling or being away from home
Have one in the box phr Be pregnant
Have one in the oven phr
Have one more time phr
Have one mother too many phr Illegimate
Have one's brains on ice phr
Have one's ducks under phr Have one's life in order
Have one's eyes opened phr
Have one's fighting clothes on phr Be spoiling for a fight.
Have one's glasses on phr To look like an intellectual.
Have one's hand out phr
Have one's head wedged phr To be stupid.
Have one's heart on one's halfpenny phr
Have one's nose open phr
Have one's shutters up phr
Have one's sitting breeches? on phr
Have one's tail out phr Show anger (cat has its tail out when angry).
Have one's teeth underwater phr
Have one's tongue hanging out phr To wait in eager expectation
Have one's wool shorn phr
Have shut up the shop windows phr To be bankrupt
Have someone cold phr To have at one's mercy.2. to have at a disadvantage.
Have someone for breakfast phr Defeat a rival. 2. overwhelm.
Have someone in phr To swindle, con, scam, hoax, cheat.
Have someone on phr To hoax, swindle, scam, con, cheat. 2. be prepared to fight or accept a challenge. 3. attack (physically)
Have someone on a string phr To hoax, swindle, scam, con.
Have someone waxed up phr Have someone at a disadvantage
Have something phr A valid point or opinion
Have something above the ears phr To be intelligent: have a 'working' brain'
Have something down phr To be aware of th situation. 2. know what's going on.
Have something going phr To be in a close relationship, usual sexual.
Have something going for oneself phr To be in a good situation or circumstances working well for oneself.
Have something on someone phr Have someone at a disadvantage, usually negative or incriminating information
Have something on one's brain phr To be or become obsessed
Have the dead needle phr To be very angry
Have the drop on phr To have an advantage over another person
Have the edge on phr To be superior or to be rated superior
Have the fiddle but not the stick phr Have the ability to do something, but still lack the intelligence to do it properly.
Have the game by the throat phr
Have the game sewn? up phr
Have the goods phr To be well qualified or competent; to have the ability.
Have the goods on phr To be in possession of incriminating evidence
Have the grindstone on one's back phr
Have the hots for phr
Have the raws phr
Have the slows phr To suffer some form of imaginary to which onee attributes lassitude, inactivity and so on.
Have the woefuls phr Be miserable or depressed.
Have the wood on phr To have the upper hand over. 2. to hold at a disadvantage
Have the worse end of the staff phr
Have the wrong end of the stick phr To have the facts wrong. 2. interpret the information incorrectly
Have-to n Anything inescapable , esp. something that is forced upon one by a social occasion, as a have-to wedding, a wedding that is arranged after the putative bride is found to be pregnant.
Have two left feet phr
Have under one's belt phr
Have what it takes phr
Have whiskers on it phr
Have windmills in the head phr
Hawk n +
Hawk vb ++
Hawk-eye n
Hawk it phr
Hawk one's fork phr
Hawk one's meat n
Hawkshaw ? n A detective.
Hay n A bed+
Hayburner n A horse; a marijuana smoker from the nickname for a horse. 2. a pipe-smoker
Hayfoot n A farmer.
Hayfooted adj Rustic, unsophisticated
Hayhooks n Fists
Haymaker n A knockout punch. 2. the Old Haymaker: (the sun whose rays are beneficial to crop growth).
Hayseed n A farmer; a simple peasant or rustic
Hayshaker n A farmer
Haywire v To go haywire: to be botched, inefficient, impaired.
Head n
Head n
Head sfx Many combinations, usually meaning foolish or idiotic, as: applehead, beanhead, bonehead, bowhead, boxhead
Headache n
Headache stick n
Headbeater n A brutal police officer.
Head bin n
Headbuster n A brutal police officer.
Headbone n
Head-candler n A psychotherapist, head-feeling, heaad-shrinker
Head-candling n Psychotherapy, head-feeling.
Head-devil n The boss
Header n A psychotic, unstable person.
Head-feeler n Headshrinker, psychiatrist, psychologist.
Head game n
Head-hen n A landlady.
Head hunt n Look for trouble, start a fight
Head-hunter n An aggressive selfish and single-minded individual.
Head into phr Begin, commence, start, undertake
Head is not sweet phr Of old people suffering from dizzyness. 2. young people who are mentally unstable.
Head-knocker n A policeman
Headlights n The eyes. 2. spectacles, glasses, esp. tinted or dark glasses. 3. the breasts
Headliner n A prominent person, a celebrity, a leading event
Head shop n A retail outlet specialising in paraphernalia used for consumption of cannabis and tobacco and items related to cannabis culture and related countercultures.
Headshrinker n A psychiatrist, psychologist.
Head stick n Wooden-grave markers
Head-to-head adj At close quarters
Head-topper n A wig.
Heads-up adj Alert and skilful, especially in sport.
Head up and tail up phr Brash.
Heady adj Intoxicated, drunk. 2. ingenuous, shrewd
Heap n A large amount, often money. 2. a derogation, as a lazy heap. 3. an unreliable car; an old aeroplane.
Heap adj Very much; a largish quantity
Heaps n A large amount, an abundance.
Hear a bird sing phr Discover a secret
Hear it on the streets phr Gossip
Hear of it phr
Hear someone's horn phr To acknowledge the importance of someone's opinion or point of view.
Hear-tell n Gossip, hearsay, chatter.
Heart adj Brave, courageous, guts.
Heart-beat n A split second, moment, as 'in a heartbeat'
Heart-knifer n A person who refuses to accept proffered affection.
Hearthstone n Butter spread liberally on a thick slice of bread
Heart-starter n The first alcoholic drink of the day.
Heart-to-heart n An intimate talk or chat.
Heat n Trouble; near to trouble.
Heat vb
Heater n An overcoat. 2. pistol, small gun, revolver.
Heathenish adj Abominable, offensive, disgusting.
Heather n A pretty, but unintelligent young woman.
Heave n
Heave vb
Heave into sight phr To appear
Heaven-born n "The Heaven-born" - the rulers and leaders of the Indian civil service during British rule.
Heavenly adj Wonderful, splendid
Heaven-reacher n Preacher; evangelist, reverend, priest.
Heaven's dust n Cocaine
Heave up vb To be extremely sick, vomit.
Heavies n Threats
Heavy n
Heavy vb To threaten, to menace
Heavy adj
Heavy-arsed adj Apathetic lazy.
Heavy-foot n A plain-clothed detective or policeman.
Heavy heat stretch n The summer
Heavy-hitter n
Heavy soul n Heroin (and the dangers of its long term use)
Heavyweight n An important person, an able person
Heavy wet n A downpour, deluge, torrent
He-blooded adj Strong; robust; virile
Hedge n
Hedge sfx In compounds as, hedge-bird, creeper, whore etec
Hedge bird n
Hedge-bit n
Hedge creeper n
Hedge hopping n
Hedger n
Heifer dust n Nonsense, rubbish
He would worry the dog phr Said of someone whose mien, appearance and behaviour would frighten even the most vicious guard dog.
Heel n A person who informs against another or betrays him; a lag; a grass; also a petty thief
Heel vb
Heel-and-toe vb
Heel-beater n A dancer
Heeled adj
Heeler n
Heel-licker n A sycophant.
Heel-thief n A petty criminal of the 'snatch and run' type
Hefty adj Weighty, strong, powerful, heavy or muscular person.
Hell (Sell) to a Bishop phr Be very persuasive (with the gift of the gab).
Hell-bender n A drunken spree.
Hell-bent adj Determined, insistent, set, as in "He is hellbent on finishing first." 2. Direct and rapidly, as in "He is hell-bent for Melbourne."
Hell-broth n Inferior whisky; cheap and nasty liquor,firewater.
Hellcat n A wild, devil-may-care person. 2. a witch.
Hell-dust n Any of the powdered narcotics. 2. heroin.
Hell-in-all n Absolutely none, nothing at all.
Hell-and-gone adj faraway, godforsaken.
Hell-bender n A formidable, outrageous thing or individual.
Hell-bending adj Arduous, hellish. 2. hellfire evangelistic preaching
Hell-bent adj Determined, stubborn.
Hell-broth n
Hell-buster n An amazing, riotous or violent thing or person.
Hell-cart n A vehicle that gives a rough and uncomfortable ride to its occupant.
Hell-cat n A rake, a himbo.
Hell-driver n A reckless, dangerous motor car driver
Heller n One who lives an undiscplined, unfettered and adventuresome life. 2. a difficult, formidable or exciting thing or person.
Hell-fire adv An general intensifier.
Hell for adv Intent on, insistent on.
Hell for leather phr Very fast, at top speed, rip-roaring.
Hell-in adj Furious, angry.
Hellish adv An intensifier, as in 'hellish cold'
Hellishly adv An intensifier, as in 'hellishly cold'
Hell master n An overbearing, bullying individual.
Hell on wheels phr Anyone or anything regarded as the equivalent of hell, usually referring to character, speed or enthusiasm
Hells half acre n Any disreputable area or no-go place, esp a slum of a town. 2. hell's hollow, hell's bottom.
Hell's hollow n A disreputable, out of the way town or area. 2. hells half acre.
Hell's kitchen n Any generic term for any slum.
Hell sticks n Matches
Hell wind n A tornado
Hell with the lid off phr Something extremely difficult or hard to endure.
Helmet n A condom. 2. the glans penis
Helpers n Amphetamines.
He-man n A well-built man with plenty of sex appeal; virile and strong
Hemp n Marijuana.
Hempy adj A rogue suitable for hanging or the gallow.
Henberry n An egg, hen-apple.
Hen-headed adj Brainless, stupid, half-wittish
Hen-house n A women's prison.
Hen-hussy n A man over-involved in domestic duties.
Herder n A prison guard
Here goes phr
Here we go again phr
Herring-gutted adj
Herring pond ? n
Het up phr Angry, annoyed
He says, she says phr
He went mad and they shot him phr A vague answer to a question.
He-whore n A male sex-worker.
He would Excl That is just like him; that is the kind of person he is. Expresses disgust
Hide n The human skin, thus one's life. 2. a horse. 3. drums
Hide n Impudence, as "what a hide"
Hideaways n Pockets
Hide-beater n Drummers.
Hide out n A place of hiding
Hide out on one phr To keep a secret from someone
Hidey-hole n A retreat or refuge. 2. a small hiding place.
Hiding n A defeat; a great defeat. 2. a thrashing
Hidings n Secrets
High n
High vb
High adj Under the influence of drugs
High and dry phr
High and goodbye n An unreliable son.
High as fiddler's fist phr
High beams n Car headlights whe not dipped. 2. the wide eye expression of someone on heavy drugs.
Highbrow n An aristocrat; a learned person; a person who thinks he is superior to his fellows or gives the impression he thinks so.
Higher up phr An official; an officer; any superior in an organisation.
High-bellied adj One in the final stages of pregnancy.
High-end adj Expensive and first class
High five vb
High flyer n
High-flying adj Pretentious; arrogant
High-go n Frolic, spree
High-hatted adj
High headed adj
High-heeled time n
High horse n Conceit, arrogance, formality
High in the instep phr
High in tooth phr arrogant, boastful
High-line adj High priced merchandise
High-nosed adj Arrogant, conceited, snobbish, supercilious
High-on adj Enthusiastic
High on oneself phr Conceited.
High-stepper n A proud person; a person who lives extravagantly; a dissapator
High-strikes n Hysterics
High up on the stick phr The level (high) to which to person has reached in their profession.
High, wide and handsome n Happy, carefree, pleasant, performing easily
High water mark n A dirty mark showing the limits to which a person has washed
Hinder-end n The buttocks
Hinders n The buttocks
Hind shifters n Buttocks
Hindside n The buttocks
Hinges n The joints of the human body.
Hinterland n The buttocks.
Hipped adj Carrying a gun.
His hair grows through his hood n Said of someone who 'on the road to ruin' (of a unkempt appearance)
His highness n Sarcastic term used by a wife to describe her husband.
His wife keeps the keys phr
Hit n +
Hit vb
Hit a home run n
Hit-and-get n
Hit and run phr
Hit for six phr
Hit gut vb
Hit her up phr
Hit his stride phr To play well; to improve as the game progresses
Hit it off phr To agree; to get along well together.
Hit it with phr
Hit lady n
Hit list n ?
Hit man n
Hit on phr To make a pass at someone. 2. to make a sexual invitation to someone. 3. to swindle, deceive.
Hit skins vb
Hit someone up phr
Hit someone with the book phr
Hitter n
Hit the books phr To study
Hit the deep six phr Die, pass away
Hit the hay phr To go to bed; go to sleep
Hit the grit phr To go on foot, leave, get moving, travel rapidly.
Hit the high spots phr ?.
Hit the hot spots phr To play in the large cities
Hit the ground phr +
Hit the ground running phr
Hit the hay phr
Hit the road phr
Hit the headlines phr
Hit the high lonesome phr
Hit the mainline phr
Hit the needle phr
Hit the pot? phr
Hit the raod phr
Hit the roof phr
Hit the sack phr
Hit the sheets phr
Hit the sidewalk phr
Hit the steel phr
Hit the street phr
Hit the toe phr
Hit the wind phr
Hitting it up phr
Hit up vb
Hit woman n
Hive n
Hive off vb
Hiver n
Hoary-eyed aj Intoxicated, drunk
Hog n
Hog vb +
Hog-caller n ?
Hog down vb
Hog-fat n
Hog feed n
Hoggish adj
Hoggy adj
Hog heaven n
Hog town n
Hogwash n Swill and garbage to be fed to pigs. 2. nonsense,
Hold a candle to the devil phr
Hold by the toe phr
Hold down phr To keep a job for a sometime
Hold everything phr To refrain; to wait a minute
Hold foot phr Keep up with, sustain.
Hold hard on phr
Holding adj Well off financially
Holding the folding phr Have a supply of cash on person.
Hold light vb
Hold one's guts phr Keep or remain silent
Hold one's horses phr
Hold out at phr To live, reside,
Hold out phr To with hold loot or information; money withheld in the division of loot; a gambler device for cheating
Hold out on phr
Hold over somebody phr
Hold someone's hand phr
Hold someone's hind leg phr To act as best man at a wedding.
Hold to vb
Hold-up n
Hold up vb
Hold with phr to agree with
Hold your horses phr Do not be impatient; do not act hastily; restrain yourself
Hold your mouth phr Keep silence or quiet
Hold your shirt phr Be calm.
Hole n A cell
Hole n A difficult situation, "in a hole"
Hole n "The Hole" : hell.
Hole in one's head phr Lacking in common sense
Hole in the road phr A village, townlet, stopover
Hole in thw Wall phr
Hole out in one phr
Holes and poles phr Sex education
Hole time n Time spent in solitary confinement etc.
Hollow n
Hollow adv
Hollow head n An idiot
Hollyweird n Negative view of Hollywood.
Holy bedlock n An extralegal sexual union between committed partners (based on holy wedlock).
Holy cow excl A sacrosanct condition
Holy deadlock n An unhappy marriage; a marriage wherein the battles between partners are hopelessly stagnated (based on holy wedlock).
Holy ghost shop n A church
Holy ground n A red light district. 2. a ghetto or slum, where villains and the poor were out of the reach of law enforcement. 3. an area under church jurisdiction, where criminals and the persecuted often had some refuge.
Holy show n A scandal, especially an embarrassing one, "to make a holy show"
Holy smoke n Exclamation of amazement.
Holy weed n Marijuana
Home n
Home and dry phr
Homebird n
Home brew n Liquor distilled at home. 2. semen.
Home cooking ? n
Home folks n
Home for lost frogs phr England
Homeland n
Home run n
Homestone n
Home stretch n The last part of the task; the final period of time.
Home sweet Home phr
Homework n
Homey n
Honey n A honey is a sweet and lovable girl; also an very attractive one.
Honey n
Honey n
Honey n
Honey n
Honey cart n
Honey-cooler n
Honey dew n
Honey dip n ????
Honey-fall n A piece of good luck.
Honey hill n The poor area of a town
Honey house n Outside alavtory or toilet
Honey pot n
Honey up phr Flatter, cajole,
Honeyman n A man kept by a woman
Honey moon n
Honey-thighs n
Hood n A criminal. 2. the area in which one lives. 3. (in prison) a fellow inmate who comes from the same neighbourhood.
Hoodie n Hooded sweatshirt, worn by many young people, especially those involved in rap music, as somewhat of a unifrm.
Hoodrat n A sexually promiscuous girl.
Hoof n The human foot.
Hoofer n A dancer, chorus girl.
Hoofing n Travelling by foot
Hoof it phr To walk, go on foot. 2. to kick. 3. to run. 4. to dance
Hoof out phr Throw out, expelled
Hook n The fingers
Hook n
Hook n
Hook vb
Hook down phr To swallow
Hooked adj
Hooked up phr Dating, going steady
Hooker n A prostitute, street-walker, sex worker, strumpet
Hook line and sinker phr
Hook onto phr
Hooks n Fingers and hands
Hooks and crooks n The leters of the alphabet
House-house n a brothel
Hook-up n The ability to get proper connections with certain people and things. 2. a connection, especially political one. 3. a romantic or sexual relationship or the person with whom one has relationship
Hook up with phr Become friendly with; become romantically attached to. 2. to marry
Hoops n The game of basketball
Hoops phr "Put Someone through their hoops" -
Hoop stick n The arm
Hop n A dance. 2. an organised dance held at a dance-hall and frequented by younger people.
Hopeful n An optimist. 2. neophyte, beginner (frequently used ironically).
Hope to hell phr To wish for intensely.
Hope to tell you phr A strong exclamation used to underline a speaker statement
Hop in phr To arrive, turn up.
Hop into phr Fight, attack. 2. start, begin something.
Hop into bed with phr To have casual sex relations with.
Hop off phr Leave, go away, die.
Hop one's frame to phr Travel unexpectedly to
Hopperclod n A clumsy, awkward person; a clodhopper
Hopping mad adj Furious, extremely angry.
Hoppy n A dance teacher, a lame person.
Hoppy adj Limpy, lame
Horn n
Horn with phr
Horn child n
Horn-dog n
Horned-up adj
Horner man n
Horn-grower n
Hornies n
Horn in phr To crowd in where one is not wanted; to interfere in the affairs of others.
Horning n
Horn-mad adj Extremel jealous, especailly as victim of cuckoldry. 2. extremely lecherous, mad with lust. 3. lustful
Horns n
Horn sticks n Celery (the belief that celery is an aphrodisiac).
Horn thumb n A cutpurse.
Horn work n
Horny n A cow, bullock, ox.
Horny-steerer n A bullock driver
Horny adj Sexually aroused especially after a long period of abstinence. 2. pertaining to a person with a lecherous nature. 3. virile.
Horse n
Horse vb
Horse apples n Nonsense. 2. horse droppings.
Horsefeathers n Nonsense; buncombe, idiotic talk.
Horse flesh n
Horse heavy adj Fat, obese.
Horse it phr
Horse kiss n A rough, loud smacking kiss.
Horse-leech n A quack doctor. 2. a prostitute.
Horseman n
Horse meat n
Horse-nails n Money.
Horse's hangdown n A fool, idiot
Horse's meal n A meal without a drink.
Hose n The penis. 2. a prostitute's pimp. 3. a boyfriend.
Hot adj As in she's "hot" meaning attractive and very sexy
Hot and strong phr Severe and intense. 2. to deliver or receive severe punishment
Hot as a Strippers Last Grind phr Very hot, erotic,
Hot bed n A bed in a cheap rooming house. 2. a cheap rooming house (the bed is continuing occupied)
Hot book n Pornagraphic magazine, book, publication.
Hot box n Hot box or sweat box, is a method of solitary confinement used in humid and arid regions as a method of punishment. Anyone placed in one would experience extreme heat, dehydration, heat exhaustion, even death, depending on when and how long one was kept in the box.
Hot dog n A sausage with sauce in a roll. 2. One who is particularly successful at an occupation.
Hot dog vb To chase or harass
Hot-dogger n Boaster, shoe-off, braggart.
Hotfoot it phr Walk or travel rapidly; to hasten; leave in a hurry
Hot goods n Stolen goods
Hot-house n A brothel, bordello, naughty house.
Hot lips n Nickname for someone who has a reputation for passionate kissing.
Hot-milk n Semen.
Hot-rod phr The penis.
Hot sheet n Said of a motel or hotel that rents rooms for sexual liaisons for cash,without registering the names of guests using the rooms.
Hot-shot n A very important person (or one who believes they are).
Hot shot n Cyanide or another toxic substitute, injected by an addict, causing instant death and showing no trace.
Hot shot adj Conceited, self-opinionated, ostentatious.
Hot slough n A residence where people are at home.
Hot-stepper n One who escapes from prison (i.e. runs as if he-she feet are on fire)
Hot stick n A cigarette containing mostly marijuana.
Hot stool n The electric chair.
Hot-tail n A very lecherous, lascivious person.
Hot-tailed adj Infected with venereal disease. 2. lecherous, lascivious.
Hot up phr To heat or warm up. 2. of situations, events, to become more dramatic thabn before.
Hottie n A good looking member of the opposite sex. 2. a very unlikely story.
Hotting n Joy-riding.
Hot-tongue n A passionate female.
Hot-tongue vb To kiss passionately.
Hot water n Trouble, difficulty,
Hot wheels n A stolen car
Hot wife n A married female swinger who has sexual intercourse with men other than her husband, with the husband's approval.
Hot wire n Good news; late information
Hot wire v To start a car by crossing the wires
Hound n As a suffix: an enthusiast, as smoke-hound,
Hound dog n Someone who hounds around when they are not wanted.
Houndish adj Shamelessly gluttonous.
House ape n A small child.
House bit n A servant who doubles as a lover. 2. a housekeeper
House keeper n A servant who doubles as a lover. 2. a house bit
House for sale n A brothel.
House of Dark Shadows phr Any building that is occupied, or thought to be occupied by enemy combatants, esp during the war in Vietnam.
House of Intake n A restaurant.
House of Lewdness n A brothel.
House of lords phr Toilet, lavatory.
House of many doors n A prison.
House mother n A madame in the sex industry
House plant n An indolent person who does nothing but sits around
How are you going phr A general phrase of greeting (Australia)
How come phr Why
How does that hang phr What do you think?
Howish adj Somewhat out of sorts, not really well.
How's things phr How are you?
How is your father phr Nonsense, rubbish. 2. sexual intercourse
How will you have it phr General invitation to ave a drink.
Hue vb To beat (causing change in ones skin color).
Hung to adj Obseessed with.
Hunger street n Hungry street, hungry-hill: a neighbourhood or suburb of a town where there is rampant poverty.
Hungries n An appetite, have the hungries.
Hungry-belly adj Especially, of children, starving, malnourished
Hungry-hill n The poor area of a town, hunger street, hungry hollow, hungry ridge.
Hungry hollow n The poor area of a town, hunger street, hungry-hill, hungry ridge.
Hung for adj In need of, lacking
Hung for bread adj Impoverished, out of money
Hung to adj Obsessed with
Hung up adj self-obsessed, snobbish. 2. delayed or hindered. 3. desperate, poor, in trouble. 4. depressed, unhappy, neurotic, anxious. 5. obsessed, infatuted
Hung up on phr Obsessed with, esp. in love with someone.
Hunt one's hole phr To run away, seek refuge
Hunting n Searching for a victim whether for a theft or confidence trick.
Hurdle n A difficulty, an obstacle
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