> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp.English
Keep a stiff upper lipphrTo keep up one's courage and self-confidence
Keep in stepphrRemain in touch or au fait with the circiumstances or situation
Keep one's eyes peeledphrTo watch closely; to be observant, alert, aware. (peel= skinned, as 'keep one's eyes skinned'.
Keep one's shirt onphrTo avoid excitement; to retain self-control
King pinnThe most important person in an organization; the most prominent person in the group; a boss, chief, head
KissernThe mouth
Kitchen bitch nA disrespectful term for one who is assigned the menial tasks in the kitchen of a restaurant.
Kitchen-goddess nA celebrity female chef, who usually achieves very high television and media rating.
Kitchen-sink speech nRegional accents used by chief characters in films (neo-realist) during the late 1950s and 1960s.
Knee-high to a grasshopperphrVery small; insignificant
KnifevbTo use unfair methods to betray, trick or disadvantage a person, as in " He knife his friend in the back (fig)
Knight of the Elbow phrA card sharp.
Knight of the Halter nA hangman, executioner.
Knight of the Pit phrA cock-fighting winner.
Knight of the Rainbow phrA royal footman (because of his colorful uniform).
KnockvbTo find fault; to object, to complain. One who does this is a knocker
Knock phr"On the Knock" - to be friendly with
Knock phr"To Have the Knock" - to have the right of entry.
Knock-downnAn introduction.
Knocked downphrSold, auction
Knock offvbTo have sex with. 2. to kill.
KnockoutnA great success; a very beautiful looking girl or woman
Knock overphrTo raid; to arrest
Knockout-dropsnA very strong sedative, often illicit drugs; strong intoxicating liquor
Know- it-all n. A person who pretends to virtual omniscience.
Knowledge boxnA school or similar educational facility. 2. the head
Know one's stuffphrTo be well qualified or knowledgeable in one's work or profession.
Knuckle-talk nThe action of prisoners tapping out messages by rapping their knuckles on their cell walls.
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