> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp. English
Made with the shade nThings are going well
Make a beeline phrTo go by the most direct way; to proceed by the most direct method.
Make a go phr. To succeed, make a go of it -to have or achieve a positive outcome.
Make a hitphrTo be well received; to gain favour
Make goodphrTo succeed in a particular undertaking or in general.
Make no bones aboutphrTo be frank and candid
ManywheresadvMany places
MawnThe mouth
Mealy-mouthedadjInsincere in speech; hypocritical; speaking honeyed words that are not truly meant
Me and you bothphrI agree with you both
Meat-monger nA place or person (a type of butcher) where an animal is butchered, disassembled and sometimes packaged. 2. a pimp, procurer; a promiscuous man.
Meet up withphrTo meet a person by chance
MeltnLoot that may be melted own, such as jewelry; precious metal in bulk
MerrymakevbTo make merry
Middlebrow nAn average person, neither highbrow or lowbrow.
Milestone-monger nA professional tramp, swagman.
Milk-beard nA baby (whose chin is often covered by it's mother's milk).
Milk-shake duck nA person or thing initially inspires delight on social media but is soon revealed to have a distasteful or repugnant past. 2. hero to villain; hero-to-villain.
Mill n A free-for-all fight; to gather about; to ramble. 2. "To be put through the mill" meaning the third degree. 3. Jail.
Mint leaves n Paper money.
Miswave nTo return a wave to someone you think is waving to you, but is actually waving to the person behind you, usually resulting in embarrassment and introversion.
Moonhead n Silly person, lunatic.
Morning wood nMorning wood is one of several similar slang or colloquial terms referring to the phenomenon of nocturnal penile tumescence (erection) during and immediately following sleep.
Moss n Anything considered old fashioned.
Mossback n An old-fashione person, a conservative.
Moth-eatenadj Antiquated; old fashioned
Mother's milk nPropofol (Diprivan) slows the activity of one's brain and nervous system. It is milky in appearance and is used to help one's relax before and during general anesthesia for surgery or other medical procedures. Also known as "Sweet's Milk"
MouldyadjOld fashioned; worthless
Mourner benchnA railing at a revival meeting where seekers after salvation kneel;
Mouthwork without headworkphrThe repitition of trite and hackneyed expressions
Mouthyadjalkative, boastful
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