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Anglish sp. English
Nail nA cigarette; marijuana cigarette. 2. a hypodermic syringe.
Nail vbTo get hold of; to secure, to apprehend and arrest. 2. catch one out. 3. to punch, hit hard or squarely. 4. to shoot, kill someone. 5. to defeat or corner an opponent. 6. to identify, recognize. 7. to seduce, have sexual intercourse with. 8. to do something well, to master something.
Nail bender nA carpenter, 2. a blacksmith.
Nail biter nAn anxious-provoking situation, esp. a close contest.
Nailed-up adjDrunk, intoxicated, sozzled.
NailernA policeman.
Nailhead nA fool, simpleton, dullard.
Nail-headed adjFolish, stupid, dull.
Nailing nCatching, arresting, apprehending.
Nail Someone's Hide to the Door" phrTo punish severely. 2. to beat up comprehensively.
Narrow-assed adjSkinny, slim.
Narrow back nAn Irish person, esp. a second-generation immigrant. 2. a protestant. 3. an Irish immigrant who returns fronm the US to lie in Ireland.
Narrow in the shoulder phrLacking a sense of humor (the hunched shoulders of a miserable person.)
Narrow lane nThe throat.
Naughties nSexual relations, intercourse.
Naughty phr"Have a Naughty" - have sexual intercourse.
Naughty bits nGenitalia (male and female).
Naughty-house nA brothel, bordello, knock-shop.
Naughty-nighties nLingerie.
Neck and neck phrEven, parallel, equal
Needle nResentment, bitterness, irritation. 2. repititous nagging and complaining. 3. the penis
Needle vbTo maliciously annoy.
Needle-knight nA user of an injectable drugs.
Needle-fiend nIntravenous drug addict.
Needle mannA conman who injects into gullible persons the idea or scheme of a sure way to get rich quick. 2. a doctor.

a confidence man, scammer.

Needle-nosed adjHaving a long nose.
Needle queen nA nurse.
Needle-shy nFear or dread of needles and injections; belonephobia.
Needle time nThe term "needle time" refers to (the number hours of broadcasting music) comes from the use (at the time) of gramophone records as the main source of recorded music, which were played on gramophone record players using a gramophone needle.
Neighbourhood friendly nA well-known neighbourhood shop or shopping centre. 2. a neighbourhood conducive to safe and salubrious living.
Nether-limbs nThe legs.
Nether-limbs nThe legs.
Nethers nThe genital.
Needmore nA poor, needy, under-privileged person.
NewshawknA newspaper reporter
New wrinklephrA new idea, plan or scheme
Nobody's homephrAs in the phrase, "The lights are on, but nobody 's at home." meaning stupid, dull, dumb
No-brow nA stupid person.
No flies on himphrHe is alert, able, clever, active
No gophrLack of agreement
No great shakesphrNot very successful; mediocre
No likeephrNot well received or liked
No man's landphrNeutral territory between the front and the trenches; neutral territory in general
No more be phrTo die, pass away, asleep in the arms of Jesus.
No-neck nA very muscular male athlete.
No nothing stopphrA remote, isolated, sparsely peopled railway stopping place
NosenA police spy
Nose divephrA failure, a rapid decline in business or prices
Nose to the grindstonephrSteadily at work, having no leisure
Nose wipe nA handkerchief.
Not so hotphrOnly fair, mediocre, medium. 2. undesirable
Nothing doingphrNo; nothing more will happen or go on; used foe emphasis
Nothing to sneeze atphrNot to be ignored or belittle
Nothing to write home aboutphrMediocre, trivial
Not on your lifephrNo, used for emphasis
Not with itphrMentally unalert, unobservant, not on the ball, dim-witted
No two ways about itphrcertain, settle, clear
Nut-house nAn asylum and hospital for those with mental illness.
Nuts nThe testicles.
Nuts adjCrazy, wild, strange, mad.
Nut sack nThe testicles.
Nuts overphrInfatuated with or wild some person or thing, usu a man who is "nuts over" a woman.
Nut up phrGo crazy.
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