> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp. English
Off one's feed phr Sick, ill. indisposed
Old man's friend phrPneumonia, an illness that often carries off peacefully the elderly.
Old saltnA sailor
OldsternAn elderly person
Old smokeyphrThe electric chair; old smokey; as in 'ride old smokey'
Old-timernAn experienced person. 2. One who has inhabitated one place or area during many decades
Old topphrA close friend, a pal.
On a benderphrOn a drinking spree; in dipsomania mode.
Once in a blue moonphrVery seldom, rarely, not often.
Once-overnA casual view; a glance; a superficial examination; a hasty preparation; as in the expression "I gave him the once-over."
One-eyed-bed-snake nThe penis.
One good woman nThe ideal soulmate, considerate, sympathetic, etc (US Black)
One-horseadjSmall, trifling, petty; as in the expression, " We arrived in a one-horse town."
One-night standphrA casual and brief sexual encounter. 2. A performing engagement for one night only
One-shot wonder nA miracle cure, panacea, wonder drug or medication.
On one's ownphrIndependent; free; dependent on oneself; self-reliant
Onsnithevbcut up (<OE onsnīðan)
On tapphrScheduled; available
On-the-gonVery active; lively; in motion; as in the expression, "He is always on-the-go."
On-the-innIn favour; in good standing
On the makephrSucceeding;
On the markphrAccurate, correct, true
On the shelfphrUnmarried, dateless; not presently in active use or consideration
On the way outphrFinished, washed up, fading, has been
On top of the heapphrHighly successful; very prominent. On top of the world is a variant.
OpenersnA cathartic pill
Open upphrTo become confidential; to reveal private matters
OutnAn out, meaning an alibi, reason, excuse
Out at the elbowsphrFinancially poor; needy
OutdoorvbTo throw one over; to discontinue relations with one
Out for bloodphrEager to take revenge for a previous wrong (or defeat); determined to win
Out of town phrIn prison, incarcerated.
OutstandernAn oustaanding person, book, artwork, etc.
OverboardadjOverdone; superfluous
Overshare vbTo offer inappropriate disclosure concerning one's personal life to others.
Oversharer nOne who offers inapropriate disclosure concerning one's personal's life to others.
Over the Blue Wall nAn institution of confinement for psychiatric patients. 2. a mental institution, a psychiatric hospital.
Over the topphrExcessive in behaviour
OwlnA night-time streetwalker; a nocturnal skank
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