> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

PannThe face
PanvbTo berate
PanhandlernA beggar
Pan outphrTo turn out, end, to result in
Phishing nAny attempt to trick victims into sharing sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, and credit card details for malicious reasons. The attackers often disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity and make contact with their target via email, social media, phone calls.
PickingsnThe odds and ends of profit; the results of begging
PickyadjCareful in choosing; fastidious
PigheadedadjA stubborn person
Pig whisper nA grunt.
PikenA highway, road, sidewalk; a railway
Pinebox at the Bedside - lid off" phr - imminent death.
Pintle-blossom nVenearal disease, usually syphilis.
Pintle-monger nA sex worker, call-girl, prostitute.
Pintle-smith nUrologist ?
Play a lone handphrTo work, live or travel alone; to avoid any dependence on others; to achieve or bring about something singlehandedly
Played outphrFatigued, exhausted, used up, gone; ended up
Plough nThe penis; see 'furrow'
Pretty softphrEasy, providing good returns for small effort
Pretty-upvbTo beautify or make-up oneself
Pull a fast onephrTo cheat, swindle,
Pull forphrFavour, assist
Pull the woolphrTo deceive, cheat
Pull upphrRecovery after depression
Pully-bonephrA wishbone
Put the arm on phrTo arrest or restrain.
Put it on icephrTo suspend action on something; to not proceed immediately
Put it overphrDeceive, hoodwink, betray, befool
Put on the dogphrTo make a display; to show off
Put the finger onphrTo point out someone to the police
Put the wind upphrTo fighten, to cause one to fear
Put up or shut upphrProve it or keep quite
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