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Anglish sp. English
Rain blowsphrTo hit several times in quick succession
Rainbow's end nHospital mortuary, especially one that it cares for infants and young children.
Rainbow sheep nA euphemistic change to the traditional nursery rhyme of a black sheep, white sheep to a multicolored one of the rainbow. A rainbow sheep is someone who takes political correctness to the extreme; reads way too much into perfectly innocent statements. The rainbow sheep will find something racist/sexist/generally non-political correct in almost anything, and causes annoyance by constantly telling people off and trying to censor things when it's not necessary.
Rain cats and dogsphrTo rain very hard
Rake over the coalsphrTo reprimand; to reprove
Rake offphrAn illegitimate profit; a share in money obtain by questionable methods
RammernAn arm
RatnAn informer; a betrayer
Raven nA funeral undertaker. In a way the raven whose carrion-eating nature is used to offer (ironic) support for the undertaker. The raven also bluntly identifies with the cultural meaning of the funeral as a consumer good that defines its place.
RawadjUnfair, usually in the expression "a raw deal"
ReadyingadjMaking ready; preparing
Red-blooded adj Vigorous, energetic, courageous
Red eyephrKetchup; tomato sauce
RednecknA rustic, an uncouth person.
Red-neckedadjIll-tempered, angry
Red-pipe nArtery.
RibvbTo tease,annoy, send up.
Ride Old SmokeyphrTo be executed in and by the electric chair.
RightadjSympathetic; friendly, fair
Right as rainphrAbsolutely correct
Right-hand manphrA trusted assistant; assistant foreman
RingmannA boxer, fighter; prizefighter
Ring offphrStop talking; keep still
Ring the glimphrTo turn on the light
RisernThat which stirs one to action; a galvaniser
Road showphrA traveling show
RoarvbTo complain
Rope inphrTo defraud a person; to inveigle, decoy, or swindle
RottenadjInferior or worthless, as "That was a rotten show."
Rotten applephrA bad, untrustworthy inividual
Rotten dealphrUnfair treatment
RotternA niggardly person
Rot WelshnSlang, street yelp, weed-words, street talk.
Rough goingphrA hard and trying situation
RoughhousenA noisy carousal; violent quarreling or fighting; to carry on in such a manner
RoughnecknessnCoarseness; vulgarity; brutality
Rough stringphrA partly trained team of workers, sportsmen or any group
Rough upphrTo treat one harshly
Run at the mouthphrTo talk excessively
Run away with the showphrTo attract much attention to oneself; to be a standout
Run it into the groundphrTo overdo; to carry it too far
Running towards the light phrDying, in the death throes, moribund.
Run raggedphrExhausted; fatigued
Run up againstphrTo meet with a person or problem, especially by chance.
Rust nMoney.
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