> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

SaltnOften as an "Old salt." meaning sailor
Salt away vto store, put away, hide
SandnGrit, courage, staying power. 2. sugar
Sap suckerphrAn extortionist
SawbonesnA doctor
Sawdust brainsphrA fool, empty-head
Sawdust landphrCircus life
Schoolie nA student celebrating the end of secondary-school days, usually in a riotous manner, frequently involving drinking too excess.
ScreamnAnything high entertaining, as in the saying "That a scream."
ScreamernNewspaper headline in large type; cf. "Screamer"
ScrewnA prison guard;
Screw loosephrMentally unbalanced
Sea-dust nSalt
Seam head nA baseball fan (with reference to the seams on a baseball); also "seamhead"
See a man about a dogphrAn excuse
See daylightphrTo visualise a way out of a difficult situation
SeedyadjUncouth, rough, uncultivated, shabby, low-dive, "Skin-shows everywhere were found in that seedy red-light strip."
Seeing snakes nSuffeing from delirium tremens.
See-you nA see-you: an impatient customer; customer impatient to be served or waited upon.
Selfy shot nA photograph of oneself on a cell-phone.
Sell one onphrTo convince one mind and persuade one to action
SelloutnAll seats sold to a particular event, sporting or cultural etc.
Sell outphrTo sacrifice one's principle for money or position; betray
Sell shortphrTo talk pessimistically of the prospect outcome of event or situation
Sent upphrSentenced to a term in prison
Set downphrTo land a plane
Settle the scorephrTo avenge past results or setbacks; take revenge
Set upnA situation planned to put a third party in a position of weakness, possibly to be murdered, duped or financially ripped-off. 2. Any situation or experience. 3. an easy course. 4.
Sew upphrTo get control of; to have power over; to make certain; to make victory sure; to arrange; to contract.
Shackle-bone nThe wrist.
Shackledom nMarriage. 2. imprisonment.
Shackle-footnAn awkward person; a convict; prisoner
ShadownTo follow and observe; to spy; a person who trails and watches another
ShadevTo win or overcome another by the narrowest of margins
ShadyadjOf doubtful morality, questionable ethics; corrupt
ShakenA moment, as in "In a shake."
Shake phr"Shake the Dew off the Lily" - the act of urination by shaking the last drops of urine of the penis.
ShakedownnTo extort; blackmail, bribe
Shake on itphrTo reach an agreement.
ShanksadjA tall ungainly person
SharknA crafty person who lives by sharp and cunning practices and is suspected of swindling.
SharpnA crook; a criminal
SharpadjIn the best possible form and condition, physically and mentally
Sharpen upphrTo prepare oneself; to be ready
Sharpshins nA very intelligent child. 2. a person fleet of foot.
ShavenA narrow escape
Shell outphrTo pay; contribute
Shell shockphrNervousness, fear, fright, overwhelm by a confronting situation
Sheltered honeyphrA pampered honey; a shrinking violet
She (he) wouldphrThis is just like him (her); that is the kind of person she (he).
ShaggedadjAbsolutely exhausted; tired out
ShiftienAn undependable girl; a cheater, a heartbreaker; false-heart lover
Shiftmonger nA man about town, (shift refers to the large, highly-starched shirt-front, as parting of such a person's evening dress).
Shine up tophrTo show special attention to a person
ShinnyvbTo climb a rope or a pole
ShitheadnAn unintelligent person (see "dimwit", "dipshit")
ShirtdomnMales collectively; men in general
Shoot off at the mouthphrTo talk excessively; to talk insincerely; to boast or brag; to do much talking
Shoot the moon phrTo attempt the near or almost impossible.
Shoot the worksphrTo make every effort no matter the cost
Shop talk nLanguage and words peculiar to a particular group or sub-culture. 2. an in-tongue, in-talk
ShortendnThe losing end, the bad end of the deal
Short-timernA prison who has a short time to serve
ShovesnCrooks and criminals
Shower sticknUmbrella
Show one's handphrTo reveal one's situation and attitude
Show one the doorphrTo reject an offer; to terminate an meeting; to dismiss
Show-rooming nThe practice of visiting showrooms to ascertain prices of goods and products, before buying them on-line.
Show upphrTo appear; to be on hand
Shrinkdom nPsychiatry and psychology.
ShroudnA suit of clothes
ShuttersnThe eyes
Shut your beakphrBe quiet; stop talking, keep still
Shyturd adjConstipated.
Shy-turdness nConstipation.
Sick as a dogphrVery sick
SidestepvbTo shirk work or responsibility
Sidewalk snailphrA policeman; a policeman on foot patrol
SightseevbTo travel for the purpose of viewing and observing
Silver-suckernA clarinet
Sin-bin nA van especially one fitted with bedding as a place for necking and copulation.
Sin-buster nA clergyman, priest
Sin-hiders nTrousers.
Sink hole n"The red sea"; the throat
Sinky adjOf someone who frequently studies and reads books.
Sin shifter nPriest, reverend, minister or religion, the clergy.
Sit-inphrA form of protest, often by University students, where they occupy the building or offices of the organization, they are protesting against.
Sitting On Top of the World phrTo be absolutely secure, satisfied, happy etc., sometimes as sit on ...
Sitting prettyphrComfortably and advantageously situated.
Sit-upons nThe buttock, rump, derriere, bottom, arse.
Skin a wicked eyephrTo give someone a wicked eye; leer.
Skin-beater nA drummer
Skin gamephrThe pornography industry
Skin-housenAny establishment providing pornographic entertainment
SkinnishadjInclined to be thin or skinny
Sleepy hollow nErstwhile, a part of a cemetery where paupers were buried by the State. 2. still hill.
SlickadjGood; first-class; effective. 2. attractive, likeable, desirable
Slick as a whistlephrIn a skilfull manner; without difficulty;
Slicked upphrClean; neat, trim
SlickernA person who cheats another
Slip-sticknA trombone
SloppyadjCareless; slovenly; over-sentimental
SloughnPrison; jail; incarceration. 2. the closing of a show
Slough nA patient inappropriately or unfairly unloaded from one hospital to another.
SlowfootnA plodding person
Small time thingsphrTrifles, bagatelles; inferior performances, inferior products
Smarts nIntelligence, wits, brains.
SmartynAn upstart; a conceited person; one who tries to be clever or witty
Smells and Bells phrA style of religious worship emphasizing high ritual, including use of vestments, bells and incense, especially that of High Church Anglicanism or Anglo-Catholicism. Also 'Bells and Smells'
Smelly-bridge nArea between the anus and the back of the scrotum; the perineum.
Smoke eaternA heavy smoker, one who smokes daily. 2. a firefighter; a smoke-eater. 3. a device or piece of equipment designed to remove smoke from the air.
Smoke-sticknA cigarette
Smoking bed nIndisputable evidence of infidelity (especially by a public figures).
Smoking irons nA revolver.
SmoothienAn elegant person or attractive person; sometimes one who is unctious and deceitful.
SnakeheadnHeadman in the people smuggling rackets
SnowbirdnA cocaine addict. 2. a grey nomad, a silver nomad; a coffin dodger.
Snow dust nCocaine.
Snowed underphrOverwhelmed, swamped, deluged by the task at hand
Snow-ending nDeath from cocaine.
SoapnFlattery, insincere talk, softsoap, soft stuff, blarney
SoapboxnAn informal platform at a street corner or park.
Soapboxer nAn agitator, a speaker who tries to arouse people against the established order.
SoapboxvbTo speak from such a platform; to speak radically; to agitate or inflame
SoftheadnA foolish person
Soft heelnA detective
SoftshipnEase and comfort in general.
Soft soapnFlattery, insincere talk, blarney; bribe.
Something for the weekend phrA condom.
Son of a Motherless Goat phrA mildly minced oath for an objectionable person.
SoreadjAngry; annoyed
SoreheadnA complaining person
Soul-driver nClergyman, priest, reverend, pastor.
SouradjWorthless;(an investment); unwise
Sour onphrAs in the expression, "Go sour on." with the meaning to change from liking to disliking a person or a thing. To be sour is to dislike, detest or hate.
Sour topphrA disagreeable person
SparvbTo wrangle or debate
SparrownAn undersized person
SparklernA diamond ring; diamonds; precious gems in general
Spear-phishing nA targeted attempt to steal sensitive information such as account credentials or financial information from a specific victim, often for malicious reasons. This is achieved by acquiring personal details on the victim such as their friends, hometown, employer, locations they frequent, and what they have recently bought online. The attackers then disguise themselves as a trustworthy friend or entity to acquire sensitive information, typically through email or other online messaging. This is the most successful form of acquiring confidential information on the internet. Spear-phishing can easily be confused with phishing because they are both online attacks on users that aim to acquire confidential information. Phishing is a broader term for any attempt to trick victims into sharing sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, and credit card details for malicious reasons. The attackers often disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity and make contact with their target via email, social media, phone calls (often called “vishing” for voice-phishing), and even text messages (often called “smishing” for SMS-phishing).

Unlike spear-phishing attacks, phishing attacks are not personalized to their victims, and are usually sent to masses of people at the same time. T

Speech-weed nSlang, cant, jargon.
SpellnTo relieve by turn; to take a turn at work; a rest; a short period; a short distance; an abnormal physical or mental condition.
SpillvTo talk, tell, reveal secrets . "To spill the beans." is to divulge a secret and spoil the plan or undertaking.
Spindle nThe penis
SpindleshanksnA tall, slender person
SpinelessadjLacking in courage and will power
Spinning timephrBedtime
SpitfirenA sharp-tongued woman
Spit it outphrTo say, to tell, to reveal
Spongeworthy adj(Highly Humorous from Seinfeld) of a man who is worth using one of a limited supply of contraceptive sponges on. 2. highly sexually desirable.
SpoonfedadjPampered, babied, cosseted
SpreadnA banquet, feast, dinner (on a large spread)
Spread oneselfphrTo make a special effort to please by attending to the needs of all
Spring chickenphrAn immature, inexperienced person; usually in the expression, "She's no spring chicken."
Stand-offishadjHaughty, unfriendly; keep at a distance
StandoutnAn outstanding performer; a person or performer who gets the most attention
Standstill nA cow, owing to its habit of standing still in the field; cf bone-eater (dog); weaver-walker (a spider); swift (newt)
Stand-upphrFail to keep an appointment, date
StarchyadjOverly formal; haughty, stiffness in manner
StayputvTo remain unchanged in position or in nature
Stay with itphrPersevere, "He stayed with it until he made good."
SteadynA long-term, committed girlfriend or boy-f(r)iend
Steal the headlinesphrTo make sensational news; to be extremely newsworthy;
Stenchbane nDeodorant. 2. air freshener.
Step-fatherlandnAn adopted country; step-motherland.
Step on itphrTo increase speed, hurry up; to enliven, stimulate, to become more active or alert
Stick-in-the-mudphrA ultra-conservative person; one hesitate to take a chance; a person slow to respond.
Sticksn "The Sticks" The regions away from the big cities; although sometimes applied to the outer suburbs of a metropolis. 2. small towns
Stick-to-it-nessnPerseverance, "Stick-at-it-ness" is a variant; as is the phrase, "stick with it"
Stick it to the Man phrA phrase encouraging resistance to authority and essentially fight back or resist either passively, openly or via sabotage.
Stick-up nAn armed robbery; a hold-up.
Sticky beakphrAn inquisitive person
Sticky endnAn unhappy end, often sad or tragic
StiffnA dead body; a corpse, a cadaver. 2. an uncompanionable person
Stiff-neckedadjStubborn, obstinate, overly steadfast; fastidious
Still-hill nCemetery, graveyard, necropolis
StingnA reasonably large sum of money obtained by some form of deception or trickery. 2. Any form of robbery, such as a complex fraud, planned well in advance. 3. A police undercover operation set up to catch alleged criminals
Stink apple nThe onion.
Stone-breaker nA geologist.
Stone fox nA very attractive woman.
Stone-horse nA stallion.
Stone licker nThe lamprey.
Stone on the chestphrTuberculosis
Stone monk nA lascivious clergyman.
StonesnDiamonds and gems. 2. testicles.
StoolynOne who informs on others; a police informer; a stoolo.
StrandedadjWithout financial resources; penniless; bankruptct
StrappedadjExtremely short of cash, financially troubled; almost penniless
StreamernA newspaper headline that runs across more than half of the page; cf. "Screamer"
Street-sleeper nOne lives on the streets; a homeless person. 2. a rough-sleeper.
Street-sleeper-dom nThe realm or sub-culture of the homeless or street people. 2. rough-sleeperdom.
Street yelp nSlang, street talk, undignified catchphrases. 2. rot-Welsh, weedwords.
Strike up withphrTo meet a person by chance
Stringer nA female pop-singer whose act is somewhere between a stripper and a singer.
String alongphrTo cheat; deceive, hoodwink
String loosephrMentally unbalanced
String upphrTo hang; to execute by hanging
Stripper-whisperernA smooth talking male who possesses the uncanny ability to disarm the generally emotionally-guarded stripper, finding out her real name, phone number, thus enabling him to set up a date with her outside club hours.
Strong armphrTo overcome by physical force; forceful action; to assault; to rob by violence; a thug; a hold-up man; a prison guard
Strong forphrDecidedly in favour of
Strut one's thingphrTo display one's skill; to dance with style and skill
Stuck onphrEnamoured by; in love with.
Stuck withphrEncumbered with; forced to carry or continue; unable to get rid of, as "Now she stuck with that slow and dim-witted, mentally unalert husband."
StungadjCheated; swindled; fooled
SuckernA victim or a robbery; a witness in a criminal; a gullible person
Sucker trapnA devise or scheme for swindling people
Suck upphrTo curry favour, crawl, make a sycophant of one's self, toady
Sunbaker nGold nuggets found on the surface.
Sunday besthrGood clothes, manners, conduct or food
SundayishadjBoring; uninteresting
SunkadjUnfortunate; unlucky as in " I'm sunk!"
SwallowvbTo believe or accept eagerly; especially something improbable or exaggerated; variant "To swallow hook, line and sinker."
Swear offphrTo resolve to abstain from some action, especially from the drinking of intoxicating liquor
Sweats nNervousness, anxiety, fear.
Sweats phr"Put the Sweats on" - make nervous, anxious, apprehensive.
Sweep One's Own Doorstep phrMind one's own business.
Sweet cheeks nA term of address implying that a person has attractive buttocks.
Sweetheart life nState of living together but not being married; in a defacto relationship.
Sweet linenPersuasive talk.
Sweet-milk nPropofol (Diprivan) slows the activity of one's brain and nervous system. It is milky in appearance and is used to help one's relax before and during general anesthesia for surgery or other medical procedures. Also known as "Mother's Milk"
Sweet sixteenphrA young, attractive girl.
SwellnA showy person; "swellish" stylish, fashionable
SwelladjGood, successful, excellent, wonderful, delightful
Swell getawaynA good start or beginning
SwelldomnThe society world
Swingland nThe realm or world of sexual swinging.
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