> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

TailnA woman as a sex object.
TakenA cheat, swindler, scammer; deceive. 2. The box-office receipts: "The Take or The Takings." '
Take a lickingphrTo lose; to get poor results; to end in defeat
Take a shotphrTo take a chance; make an effort
Take inphrTo cheat, deceive, scam; defraud
Take it on the chinphrTo absorb the punishment/disappointment and move on
Take the bit between one's teethphrTo assert one's independence; to act assertively
Talk up oneselfphrTo boast; to talk arrogantly.
Talking ironphrA pistol, a revolver, gun
TalkshopnA place where a lot of talk takes place, but usually without much action.
Tall steppingphrExcellent performing; good playing; outstanding
TeapotnA locomotive, train, especially a steam train.
Tell the WorldphrTo say loudly, emphatically and somewhat boastfully.
Ten sack nA small bag of illegal or illicit drugs, usually marijuana.
Thank-you workphrGratuitous work.
That kindphrA person or thing that is regarded as inferior or disagreeable is said to be that kind
Thick as thievesphrVery friendly
Thimble-knightnA tailor
Think box nBrain; head; thinking-box..
Thinker nThe thinker; the brain.
Thinking-box nThe brain; the head.
Thistle-diggernCountrified person; a rustic; bumpkin, hick
ThoroughgoodnA thoroughly good person
ThrashvbTo defeat; beat in a sporting event
Three-toed sloth nA patient with diminished capacities, usually from long-term abuse of alcohol and/or addictive drugs.
Throttled adjWiped out by a wave when surfing by being slammed against sand, rock or reef and held down for a long period of time.
Throttlebottom nAn innocuously inept and futile person (politician) in public office;
ThroughshinevbShine through (<OE þurhscīnan)
Throw lead phrTo fire a gun.
ThrowawaynAdvertising circular; a letter box bill
Throw shape nDance to popular music
Throw smoke nTo consistently pitch fastballs in baseball. 2. to consistently bowl fastballs in cricket.
Throw the book atphrTo give a law violator the maximum sentence
Thrown togetherphrA makeshift outfit or combination; unattractive
ThumbernA hitchhiker
Thistle-chinsnLocal residents (a circus word).
ThusnessnA manner, method, or extent
Tide of red nThe menstrual flow; red tide. 2. a common name for algal blooms.
Tie the knotphrTo perform a marriage; get or become married
Timber-wolfnA lumberjack, timberjack or logger
Time-box nPrison; penitentiary, jail.
Time-needynThose people who struggle to find a work/ life balance
Tin bird nAeroplane, plane. (N.Z. slang)
Tin earphrTo eaves drop; to spy
Tin fish nA torpedo (navy slang).
TinhornlandnThe world of petty gamblers, betters and punters.
Tinshin offvbTo abscond with money
Tish nExcrement; a metathesis of 'shit'
Toe the linephrTo obey orders; to meet all requirements with meticulous care.
ToolienA older man (25-35yrs) who preys upon drunken and disoriented schoolies .
TopvbTo hang; to be executed by hanging.
Top dognThe chief man in the organisation
Topmost rungphrFirst place
Top offphTo assassinate; to execute
ToppedadjAssassinated; executed '
Top shapephrExcellent condition; first class
Top the standingphrTo take the first place among(st) competitors
ToughadjRough, vicious, aggressive, difficult; unfortunate; too bad (see "Tough shit")
ToughnA "Tough" a violent, aggressive thug and stand-over man
Tough goingphrA hard an difficult situation.
Tough shitphrToo bad (see "Tough")
Tough stick nA patient whose veins are too hard to find when drawing blood.
Town-shift nConfidence trickster.
TrimmingsnMoney swindle from gullible people
TumblesetnA somersault
Turf itphrTo go on foot; walk
Twelvhynde and TwihyndephrThe rich and the poor
TwinklersnThe eyes
Two-mugnTraitor, duplicitous person, double-crosser
Two-fistedadjVigorous, forceful, energetic
Two-timevbTo deceive; to play one falsely; to cheat; to betray; to double-cross; to be a false-hearted lover
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