> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp.English
Uffish a.Uppish and selfish
Under a cloudphrIn trouble, in difficulty
Under-belongingsnThe vagina
Underdog n. A person who occupies an inferior position; a person who is oppressed
UnderdoneadjOne with a pale complexion. 2. not fully finished or completed; inchoate
Under one's own steamphrTo do something alone and unaided
Under the hammerphrIn trouble; at a disadvantage
Under the lapphrConfidentially, clandestine
Under the weather phrIll, indisposed, sick, far from well
Unthimble vbTo rob, steal from.
Unthimbled adjRobbed.
Unwashedn "The Unwashed or The Great Unwashed", referring to beatniks, uni students and those protesting against or disagreeing with the establishment.
Up against it adv phr.In hard straits; in a difficult position. To be up against poverty, unemployment, sickness, or a problem is to be compelled to meet it and undergo the exoerience involved.
Up anchorphrLeave, get out
Up and atphrTo undertake, to attack
Up and comingphrAble and alert; showing promise of achievement
Up and upphrSuccess; succeeding; doing well. Usually in the phrase "on the up and up", meaning progressing, improving, or succeeding
Up-hill businessphrA difficult task.
UppedadjIncreased, as in 'Taxes are being upped.'
Upset the apple cartphrTo spoil a plan; to ruin an undertaking
Up tophrEngaged in; planning, especially something evil, as "What is he up to now?" Incumbent on, as "It is up to you to prove yourself capable."
UswardadvTowards us.
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