> Anglish "Slang" Wordbook

Anglish sp. English
Back seat adv phr. An inferior position
Back talk n.Retort in anger, heated argument, impudent reply
Backwoodsyadj.Uncultivated, unrefined, rustic
Barebones n.A skinny persons
Barking ironsn.Pistols, guns
Beak n.Judge, magistrate. 2. the nose
Bean n.The head
Bark n.A cough
Beat n.A reporter's regular run of news sources and places, known as "The Beat"
Beat itv phr. To depart, decamp, flee, escape
Bed-to-breakfast folks phr n.City dwellers
Bee-line n.A direct course; the shortest route
Belly-ache v phr.To complain; also bellyacher
Bender n. A drunken spree
Bent adj. Of a criminal nature, illegal, unlawful
Be therevb phr. To measure up to expectations
Be thereaboutsvb phr. To do something moderately well
Berth n. A position in a sporting team
Bestsellerdom n.The most popular books
Better half n.A wife
Bewifed vb.Married
Big drink n.The ocean, the sea
Bighead n.An egotist, a conceited person
Big-mouthn.A talkative, noisy person
Big shotn.A prominent person, a powerful person, a leader esp. a gang leader
Big timen.As in hit "The Big Time" to find success, importance, fame
Big wormn.A boa constrictor
Bird-dogn.One who steals another person's girl-friend. 2. Young man who bereft of a partner of his own, tries to steal a woman from someone else. 3. unscrupulous stock broker's agent who scouts for gullible prospects.
Bite the dustv phr.To be killed, to die. 2. To go bankrupt, fail
Bitter-endern.A person who will not compromise or yield.
Black goldn.Crude oil, oil, petroleum
Black-outn.Temporary loss of memory; failure of electricity supply
Blackwashn.To magnify defects and give prominence to them
Bleedvb.To get money out of someone, esp. in the form of a forced contribution
Blossom nosen.A heavy drinker
Blowhardn.A braggart
Blowvb.To leave, esp. in haste. 2. to spend liberally
Blow off steamvb phr.To express one's anger forcibly
Bone bendern.A wrestler
Bone boxnThe mouth
Bone eatern.A dog
Boneheadn.A stupid person, a dullard
Bone idleadj.Wilfully and incurably idle, lazy
Boneyardn. A cemetery, graveyard. 2. an emaciated person or animal, esp. a horse
Born daysn.A lifetime. an intensive form of days, as "In all my born days I have never seen such a sight."
Bow outvb.To withdraw, resign from a contest or life
Brain pann.The head
Brain stealern.A plagiarist
Brainsn.The brains, the manager, the head, the leaders, innovators
Breaderyn.A bakery
Break evenvb phr.To end without winning or losing; to make no profit, to suffer no loss
Breakfast-to-bed folksn phr.Lazy people
Break the icevb phTo take the first step, to be introduced, to begin
Breakupn.Analysis, known as "The Breakup"
Breathern.A short break from physical or emotional strife or turmoil
Broadn.Any girl, a mistress, a prostitute
Broken.Without money
Brown stonersn.Aristocrats
Buckvb.To oppose, stand up against
Buck-upvb phrTo brace oneself against illness, to take courage, to become embolden
Buck passern.A person who avoids work aand responsibility by passing it on to someone else
Build-upn.The thread of a story, play, movie which links the various parts. 2. Arepuutation gained through deliberate use of publicity; artificial publicity
Burnvb.To defraud, hurt financially, hurt emotionally, betray.
Burnedpp.To be damaged or hurt by another actions
Butter-fingersnOne who is clumsy and awkward, often dropping things
By one's lonesome phr.Alone, independently, also on one's lonesome
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