The Anglish Moot

ae n (plural ae) life; life, ferrow
[OE ǽ]
abaft adj behind; toward the stern relative to some other object or position; aft of;
aban v to publish, make known, bring out; proclaim, broadcast
[OE. abannan]
sweet-laden thoughts come, like bees, to abide in his heart as a hive. phr a simile of love;
abreast adv 1.Informed, well-informed, familiar, acquainted; 2.Side by side, facing forward;
[First attested in the mid 15th century. From Middle English a (“on”) + brest (“breast”), in sense “breasts (chests) in line, side-by-side and exactly equally advanced”;[1] roughly “breast-by-breast”. Other senses of “equally advanced” developed metaphorically. Phrase keep abreast “keep informed, up to the same level as oneself” is from the 1650s.]
acraft vb to think out devise plan contrive as a craftsman;
[OE acræftan]
addled adj tampered with or rendered unproductive; tampered, corrupted
[uncommon with extension in meaning, from ME adel, foul, from OE adela, mud]
addleness n putrefaction; rotten-ness
[adel, foul, from OE adela, mud & ness]
addleware n neologism: the array, variety and number of goods found on the shelves of supermarkets that confuse and sometimes muddle older customers.;
[addle: muddle, confuse & ware: goods, products.]
adree vb endure, last, hold out.; suffer, bear, do
[OE. dreogan: to do, endure, suffer]
adwell vb seduce;
[OE adwellan]
aftercomer n a follower, a successor.; afterfollower, afterganger
[NE & ME aftercomer: A follower; a successor.]
afterfollower n successor, the one to come after; aftercomer, afterganger
[OE æfter-folgere: A follower; successor,]
afterganger n a follower; a successor.; aftercomer, afterfollower
[ME aftergenge: a follower, a successor; from OE æfter-genga: a follower, a successor.]
afanding n experience;
[a- + fand 'try, test out' +-ing]
afold adj simple, single, one alone, singular, peculiar, matchless; onefold
[OE anfeald]
afore prep, adv (Archaic/dialectal) before; before, previously, whilom
[OED, Still use in some English Dialects and Lowland Scots, OE onforan, ME aforen, aforne (A + fore)]
aforesaid adj mentioned earlier or previously; aforementioned, foregoing, forenamed, said
[OED, Still in use. First documented in the 14th century. See the Origins of Afore + Said]
afgod n idol or false god; graven image
[obsolete since AD1100, from OE af, of, aef, away + god 'superhuman deity']
akin adj alike or related by blood; similar, related, close, near, corresponding, comparable, of similar character.
[MW, ENE of kin; arose in the mid 16th century.]
aleasand n deliverer, redeemer, liberator;
[OE aliesend]
alehouse n a building in which ale can be bought and drunk; pub, tavern
[uncommon, from OE eala-hus]
ale-spinner n a brewer; brewer
[slang, from OE eala (ale) & spinnan"]
allhood n total;
['all' (all, universal, whole) + 'hood' (state of being)]
almsly adj charitable;
[OE ælmeslic]
ananas n pineapple;
[OE ananas]
andet vb admit, confess;
[OE andhetan]
andward adj present; here;
[from OE andweard]
andwork n physical substance; material, matter
[from OE andweorc]
andy adj resentfully envious; jealous
[OE andig]
anether vb humiliate;
[ME anetheren]
anew vb renew;
[OE edniwian]
anget n intellect;
[OE andgiet]
antake (antaking) vb to subtract, to take from, to take apart;
[Calque from NHG: ent+nehmen]
anvil n the lock (usually of iron) on which the smith hammers and shapes his metal; also fig; smithy's block
[from OE anfilti an, & perh filtan to weld]
anx vb to anoint, to smear with oil, to oil, to grease; baptize
[PWG ankwō]
anxth n anointing; baptism
[PWG ankwō + -þi]
anxthing, anxting n unction;
[PWG ankwō + -þi, -ti + -ungaz]
aqueath vb declare, express;
[OE acweðan]
aquell vb kill, destroy;
[OE acwellan]
aquern n squirrel;
[from OE acweorna]
argh adj cowardly, fearful; inert,lazy,; reluctant; frightened, timid, hesitant, craven
[OE, still in northern dialect]
arveth n labour;
[OE earfoðe]
ashield vb protect; conceal, guard, hide
ashieldend n protector; guardian
ashun vb despise, reject;
ask n a newt or eft, occ. also the lizard; asker, eft
[OE aesxe: newt]
asking n a sentence or phrase that needs an answer; question, inquiry
[neologism, formed on the basis of OE geáscung, an inquiry, using modern ask + -ING]
asp n a poplar (populus tremula), with greyish bark and spreading branches, the leaves of which are specialy tremulous. also attrib. the wood of this tree.; poplar
[OE: æspae, æspe]
atel adj terrible;
[OE atol]
athrick vb press, oppress;
[OE aðryccan]
atspring vb to spring out; to gush forth, to rush forth, to spring up/forth/out, to spurt out
[OE: ætspringan]
atstreng n to withhold wrongfully; suppress, repress
[OE: ætstrengan]
atterloathe n antidote;
[ME atterlothe]
atween prep, adv archaic word for between; between
[OED, ME atwen, uncommon (still used in Lowland Scots)]
avond n evening; dusk, sunset, nightfall
[PG *ēbanþs, OLF āvont, M.Du âvont, Du.]
awestruck adj admiring, surprised; bewildered, amazed, astounded
[awe + struck]
ay adv always, ever;