The Anglish Moot

[ᚹ] = widened meaning

sackless adj innocent, blameless, guiltless, free of legal charge;
[NE < ME sāklēs < OE saclēas]
sade vb to become sated, to satisfy, to satiate;
[NE sate & ME sāden & OE sadian]
sad-fishing n the practice of writing about one's unhappiness or emotional problems on social media, especially in a vague way, in order to attract attention and sympathetic responses.;
[sad + fishing]
sailcloth n canvas or other material used for making sails;
[NE < ME seileclōth; liken with WF seilkleed and NL zeilkleed]
sailorly adj having the characteristics of a sailor; nautical;
[NE < sailor + -ly]
sailstone n magnet;
[Icelandic segull ~ 19th century back-formation from segulsteinn, adapted from Middle Low German segelstēn, from segel 'sail' + stēn 'stone']
sain vb to make the sign of the cross on or over; to bless so as to protect from evil influence, to sanctify;
[NE < ME sīgnen < OE segnian]
sake n a cause (as in reason for contention), an account (one's behalf), a lawsuit;
[NE sake & ME sāke < OE sacu]
sake vb to sue, to bring a suit against; to contend; PST: sook; PTCP: saken
[<OE sacan]
saltern n an area used for saltmaking, especially in the East Anglian fenlands; salt works
[NE < ME salterne < OE sealtærn]
saltiness n salinity;
[NE < salty + -ness]
saltpig n a small container for holding salt at the table, a salt cellar;
[<NE salt pig]
saltstone n halite, rock salt;
[NE < ME saltstone/salte ston < OE sealtstān]
salty adj seasoned with or containing salt, saline; irritated and bitter;
[NE < ME saltī]
salve n an ointment, balm, cream or paste used for medicinal reasons;
[NE < ME salve < OE sealf/salf]
sam adj half-done, imperfectly done; half-heated (esp. of food);
[archaic NE < ME sam- < OE sam- < PG *sēmi-]
sam vb to collect, assemble, bring together, gather, join, unite, compose, meet, glean;
[< ME sammen/samnen < OE samnian/gesamnian < PG *samnōną]
samblind adj half-blind, partially blind; dim-sighted;
[< NE sandblind < ME *samblind]
samed adv together, with one accord; joined or fastened together; simultaneously, at the same time;
[< ME sāmod < OE samed/samod/somed]
samefeel vb to share in another's feeling or emotions (used with with: "I samefeel with you"; empathize
[compound of same + feel]
sammilk n butter in the churn after the milk breaks into butter;
[< archaic NE sam-milk]
samsodden adj half-cooked, partially cooked;
[< NE sam-sodden < ME samsōden < OE sāmsoden]
sand n a sending, a sending out, a thing which is sent; messenger, envoy; message; a serving of food;
[< ME sōnd < OE sand]
sandfarer n nomad of the desert (dry-land): a bedouin; mongolian nomad.;
[sand + farer]
sandglass n an hourglass;
[NE < sand + glass]
sandhill n a sand dune;
[NE < sand + hill]
sandsman n a messenger, an emissary;
[< ME sōndesman]
sare n artifice, machination, machine, device, engine;
[<OE searu/searo]
sarecraft n stratagem, machination, engineering [ᚹ], technology [ᚹ];
sareman n one who makes machines, engines, or machinations; engineer
[< OE searu + NE man]
saught n peace, reconciliation; concord, harmony;
[< ME saught < OE seht/seaht]
saughten vb to make peace, to reconcile;
[< ME saughtenen < ME saughten < OE sehtan]
saw n a narrative, saga, story; a saying, maxim, proverb; a notion [ᚹ];
[< NE saw & ME sau < OE sagu/saga]
sawbones n a surgeon;
[NE < saw + bones]
sawer n one who saws, a sawyer;
[<ME sauer]
sax n knife, cutting tool; a kind of short sword, dagger;
[<ME sex/sax < OE seax]
saxstaff n a glaive;
[< ME sax + NE staff]
scythe n an agricultural tool with a shaft and a curved blade used for mowing or pruning;
[NE < ME sīthe < OE sīþe]
seabarrow n rocky sea outcrop, cliff against the sea;
[<OE sǽbeorh]
seadevil n a manta ray;
[NE < sea + devil]
seadom n the domain of the sea and oceans, a thalassocracy, a thalattocracy;
[sea + -dom]
seadust n sea salt; sodium chloride
[sea + dust]
seafear n thalassophobia;
[sea + fear]
seaglass n isinglass;
[<NE sea-glass]
sealine n the horizon (when over water); a line used in the sea (as for sounding or deepwater fishing);
[<NE sea line]
sealore n oceanography;
[NE < sea + lore]
sealsmolt n melted seal blubber, seal oil;
sealth n happiness, pleasure; fortune, prosperity;
[< ME sēlth < OE sǣlþ]
seam n a line of stitching; ridge formed by joined edges; stratum (coal, ore, etc); suture; gully, groove, crevice;
[NE < ME sēm < OE sēam]
seamanship n skill in and knowledge of sailing, navigating and maintaining a vessel at sea;
[NE < seaman + -ship]
seamere n a lagoon, an enclosed part of the sea;
[sea + mere; calque of sea-lake]
seamster n a person whose occupation is sewing, a tailor, seamstress;
[NE < ME sēmester < OE sēamestre]
seamy adj sordid, disreputable, distasteful, ignoble;
[NE < seam + -y]
seanettle n a jellyfish of the genus Chrysaora; any jellyfish;
[<NE sea nettle]
sear vb to burn, to scorch; to wither, to dry up; to mark permanently;
[NE < ME sēren < OE sēarian]
searim n the horizon of a sea or ocean;
[sea + rim]
Searmonth n(p) June;
[<OE searmónaþ]
seldseen adj rare; seldom, hardly ever seen, uncommon, unfamiliar
[CED(Obsolete) OE seldsīne ME seldsene]
selfdom n independence;
[self + -dom]
selfshrithing adj automatic;
[self + OE scrīþan + -ing]
self-sparkle n radiance, panache, vim, vitality;
[self + sparkle]
selfstanding adj able to work and live alone without outside help; independent
settledom n a culture or a civilised societal structure, either as a whole or an individual society; civilisation
[neologism, from settle + -dom]
settlegang n a heavenly body's course of sinking below the horizon; sunset
[OE setlgang]
shadow on my shoulder phr sad, unhappy and depressed;
shakeneedy adj having a very great desire, need; offering so little chance for improvement as to cause despair; desperate
[compound of shake + need + y]
shakeshaft n a argumentative and confrontational person.; take on; come up against
[derived from the Old English schakken, meaning to brandish, and speer, meaning spear.]
sharedom n A political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.; communism, marxism
[share + -dom]
shareware n a type of software that is distributed without payment but is limited in any combination of functionality, availability, or convenience;
[OE words 'sheep & fold'.]
shathe vb to injure, to harm, to scathe;
[<ME shāthien < OE sceaþian]
shedtear n one prone to weeping and lamentation. 2. one who cries or sheds tears to take control of a troubling situation.;
[shed + tear]
shedwise adj sagacious intelligent discerning discriminating rational reasonable wise;
[OE sceadwís]
sheepfold n enclosure for keeping sheep;
sheepmonger n seller or trader of sheep;
shipshape adj neat, orderly;
[ship +‎ shape; of nautical origin, based on the obligation of a sailor to keep his/her quarters arranged neatly and securely against the inevitable turbulence at sea. It also implies a neat and efficient packing to fit into the limited space typically allotted to service members aboard ship.]
shiremight n power of the local community, self-rule of people free of a professional political class; democracy
[shire ‘local community’ + might ‘power’, loanshift from Gk δῆμος ‘rural district’ + κράτος ‘might’]
shopwise adv about or regarding matters or issues at one's place of work.;
[shop + -wise]
short eats n a snack;
[Sri Lankan English]
shredling n a minute portion, part, portion, nano-bit.; shreddings, mote, small bite
[OE "scread"]
sinkright adj vertical, upright; perpendicular to the given horizontal field
[calque from Modern German "senkrecht"]
sickhouse n building or structure used to care for the sick or injured; hospital, infirmary
[NE ?< ME sek hous]
sidely adj sober, sedate, modest, discreet;
[<OE sidelíc]
sightpath n the eyes, vision;
[sight + path]
sightlike adj visual; seeinglike
[sight + -like]
silebeam n architrave;
[sile 'column, pillar, support' (<OE sýl) + beam]
sinshalk n a seneschal;
[(<PG *siniskalkaz)]
sithen [1] adv Obsolete word for "since then"; after that, afterwards, subsequently
[CED (Obsolete) OE siþþan, ME ſiþen/siþen † This word can be located at the beginning of the manuscript for Sir Gawain and The Green Knight in Middle English. This is exemplified as "Siþen þe ſege ⁊ þe aſſaut watz ſeſed at Troye".]
sithing n A journey or a way; one's experiences in life; an instant in time or an occasion; synonym with trip (when referring to a journey)
[From the Old English "sīþ", which holds the same meanings as above]

'a shoe of silver makes iron soft.'

pvb a bribe will soften the heart of the most obdurate;
sinwash vb cleanse or absolve from sin;
[compound of sin + wash]
sleep-stealers n those things that keep you awake at night, such as stress, medication, a snoring partner etc.; sleeplessnesses
[compound of OE wordssleep + stealer]
smay vb to scrutinize, to investigate; to meditate on, to ponder;
[ME smēȝen < OE smeagan]
snakehead n a smuggler, particularly one from China, who specializes in getting people into another country without going through normal immigration channels; people smuggler
[OE snaca & heafod; term may come from the "creative smuggling" routes that snake from country to country before entering the target nation.]
snake-whisperer n one who adopts a sympathetic view of the needs and desires of the snake.; horse-whisper; dog-whisperer,
[Old English : snake & whisperer; by analogy with 'horse-whisper' A 33-year-old Malaysian firefighter who had earned the name the “snake whisperer” died Friday, a few days after he was bitten by his pet cobra.]
Soalmonth n(p) February;
[<OE solmónaþ]
soleness n silence;
[<OE sālnes [not found in Bosworth-Toller] (geah, I ƿunder hƿi...)]
songlike adj musical, rhythmic; rimelike
[song + -like]
sonsdaughter n paternal granddaughter;
[son + daughter; inspired by OE sunsunu and dohtorsunu]
sonson n paternal grandson;
[<OE sunsunu]
soom n agreement, concord;
[<ME sōme]
soot n a black carbonaceous substance or deposit consisting of fire particles formed by the combustion of coal, wood, oil or other fuels; coom, smut
[NE < ME soot/soote < OE sōt]
soot-dew n a black fulginous grime coating plants and buildings.; coom, smut
[soot + dew]
sooth n true; fact, legitimacy, reality
[OED (Archaic): Proto-Germanic ᛉᚨᚾᚦᚨᛇ (sanþaz), OE ſoþlic/sōþlīċ & ſoþlice/sōþlīċe (sōþ +‎ -līċ) , ME ſooþ or sooþ. Cognates with Old Saxon sōð, Old Norse sannr (ᛌᛆᚿᛧ/ᛋᛅᚾᛦ) and saðr (ᛌᛆᚦᛧ/ᛋᛅᚦᛦ, Gothic 𐍃𐌿𐌽𐌾𐌹𐍃]
soothfather n God, King of Truth and Justice; All-mighty, Heavenly Father, Drighten
[sooth + father]
soothly adv truly, verily, actually, really; in sooth, in truth
[NE < ME sōthlī]
sop in the pan n french toast;
so-so-ish adj indifferent, passable, of indifferent quality or performance; mediocrity
[OE: "So-so": fair & "ish" - inclined.]
Soul: One may have a blazing hearth in one's soul yet no one comes to sit by it. phr an expression of a lovelorn and lonely Vincent Van Gogh.;
soulbane n ruin, destruction, killing of the soul, spiritual ruin.;
[OE sawol, "soul" & bane, "murder, destruction, ruin"]
soul scot n a due paid on behalf of a deceased person to the church of the parish to which he belonged; mortuary; death duty; deadhouse
[soul + ME shot]
soul thief n lucifer, old sooty, and all the false prophets who seek to rob others of their soul and spirit; Satan, shuck
[OE sawol, "soul" & thief, "a robber"]
soul whisperer n one who cares for the soul and the eternal life of others.; clergy (collectively); proselytiser.
[OE sawol, "soul" & whisperer, "a carer"]
speechlike adj verbal, oral; wordy, spoken, unwritten, word-of-mouth, mouthy
[speech + -like]
spelk n a surgical splint; a splinter or chip, a small strip of wood; a thatching rod; support, slip of wood, cleft off
[archaism, from OE spelc]
spinse vb to live as a spinster (temporarily), of married woman or one soon to be married;
[backformation of 'spinster']
sprout-month n the second month of the year (so called because the cabbages begin to sprout); February
[OE, from Sprote-Kalemonath]
stalworth adj steady, strong, serviceable;
[OED; <OE stælwirþe]
stead n A place, usually an area of land something or someone resides; Place, location, dwelling
[OE, from stede (OED)]
steadholder n a deputy or substitute acting for a superior; lieutenant
[McGervey made it up]
stepmeal adv by degrees, gradually;
[<OE stæpmælum]
sunny-brained adj optimistic; rainy-brained (antonym)
[neologism, from sunny + brain]
sunny-day flooding n when high tides bring the sea or seawater into the streets of a city.;
[sunny, day & flood]
swart n black, the color of pitch and night, the hue of something incredibly dirty or unclean; dark
[<OE sweart <PG *swartaz, cognate with NF suart/suurt, SF swot/swoot, and NL zwart. Replaced by black in the Middle English Period.]
swarm theft n where large groups of people enter an electronics store, rip products from display units and flee;
[swarm + theft]
swime n an unconscious state, a faint;
[<ME swīme]
swint vb to make a swim; to canonize;
swistie n swastika;
[sw- + ist + -ie]
swordnithler n foe armed with a sword;
[<OE sweordġenīðla]