Well, I have heaved this underwarp to wit whether y'all have been applying Anglish in daily underholding, I do not live in an English speaking Land, thus, the eyeblinks when I speak English are sorely seldly, nonetheless, since I have fele outlandish friends and I know sundry steads where I can talk to folks I have started brooking Anglish instead of English, whiles I am smoothly understood and folks eathly ask the "oversetting" of one or two words( owing to the deedsake that in my English wordhoard I lean to mithe romanic words, so they are kind of wont to my speaking way ). Enough squabbling and prating, my goal here is to wit whether y'all have been brooking Anglish daily, and to moot better ways to put Anglish to brook. I have overset my leeths to Anglish and so have I my lyrics and the book which I am ongoingly writing. I shall now daily post my writings here so that y'all to read if the will is keen, should y'all ever find a way to forbetter what I shall start writing here kindly either bemark or righten whatever y'all want to.

So this trammet might lay dead or thee by y'alls hands, I would like to keep it for craftish swettlings and moots about the brook of Anglish in daily life.

Thank y'all for y'alls thild and regards.

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