The Anglish Moot

gadling n man of humble condition, a fellow;
[<ME <OE gædeling 'kinsman, fellow, companion in arms, comrade' from gāda 'comrade, companion']
gain- pre in opposition to; against;
[obsolete, from GAIN-]
gain- pre cyclical; repetitive; re-;
[obsolete, from GAIN-]
gainbuy vb to recover ownership of something by paying a sum; redeem
[obsolete, from GAIN- + buy]
gainstand vb to speak or stand against something in order to stop it from happening; oppose, resist
[obsolete, from GAIN- + stand]
gaintake vb to take back again; repossess, reacquire
[revival, from GAIN- + take]
gair n a isolated strip of tender grass; sward, greensward
[rare OE. "gair"]
galder n a charm or incantation; a chant
[obsolete, from OE. galdor, gealdor to sing]
gare n spear; spear
[<OE gar; ME gare]
gatherbinding n concatination;
[gather + binding]
gathercole n (surname) this unusual early medieval English surname originated as a nickname for an old man who "gathered cold", and consequently weakness. Cold, not cole was originally the second element in the name, as the first recorded spelling suggest. Medieval physicians thought that an old man's blood became dry and cold - a state which lowered his defences and increased the risk of infection.;
[gather + cold]
gemanshiplar n an ideology where the means of production are under common ownership; communism
[neologism, from OE gemǣnscipe common ownership and lār doctrine]
gesith n one that goes with another; fellow, companion
[OE ġesīþ]
gesithship n bunch of men or things; company, fellowship
[OE ġesīþsċipe]
ghosts-in-the-wires phr n high IQ hackers; hacker
ghost staff n someone recorded on the payroll system, but who does not work for the business. "The ghost" can be a real person who knowingly or not is placed on the payroll, or a fictitious person invented by the dishonest employee.;
[OE: ghost & staff]
gin vb to found, to make an opening, to cut open; establish, begin
ginth n beginning, establishment, foundation; basis
[OE ġinnan + -þ; cognate with Welsh cynt]
givle adj generous;
[OE gifol]
man of gladness, seldom falls into sadness
n a positive outlook on life is the best way to handle life's vicissitudes.;
[OE: glad: to be happy.]
glide n a stream, also part of a stream, a shallow; ea, yea, fleet, bourne.
[OE: gliden: to past along smoothly]
glidewort n An old name for species of Sideritis: ironwort; later for Galeopsis tetrachi. This herb most likely used as a remedy for gout: Glide element may be OT for limb.; ironwort
[OE: "glide" - move smoothly (element may be OT for limb.)]
godbode n a spiritual and holy entity that acts as a messenger between God and earth; angel
[neologism, from god "deity" + bode "message, messenger"]
gods to the groundlings n the diversity of any society;
[a theater term, from god "ground +ling"]
Gotham n nickname of New York; The Big Apple
[Gotham is an Anglo Saxon word meaning “Goat Town” and was first used by Washington Irving in his satirical 1807 periodical Salmagundi. Irving was comparing the savvy New Yorkers to inhabitants of the tiny English village of Gotham who gained notoriety way back in the thirteenth century by pretending to be insane just to get out of paying taxes to King John]
grayling n a brush-footed butterfly found in coastal areas of northeast Scotland such as the Fowlsheugh Nature Reserve and also near the coast around England, such as Fire Beacon Hill; they are often linked with bare ground and rocky hills;
gray thunder n senior citizens, the so-called 'baby boomers' who, because of their numerical strength, wield considerable political (voting) power.; none known
[neologism, from OE. words gray &thunder]
greenwash n to implement token environmentally friendly iniatives as a way of hiding or deflecting criticism about environmentally destructive practices; none known
[neologism, from OE. words green & wash and based on whitewash]
grið n protection, safe conduct; in OE law security, peace or protection guaranteed under limitations; quarter (in battle); peace , protection, asylum
[archaic, from OE. gri truce, peace, pardon]