hairline adj 1. thin
2. made or done with extreme care and accuracy
3. meeting the highest standard of accuracy
an ultrasensitive telescope that requires hairline placement of the lenses;
hand is shallow but the throat is deep ("the"). pvb one is too lazy to work, but is a great eater.;
[john heywood's collection of proverbs 1546.]
handsill n banister;
[hand + sill]
hap adj convenient;
[OE hæp]
hardy seed n ancestry part in producing survivors; tough, adaptable folk.;
[from OE hard, y & seed]
Harvestmonth n the ninth month of the year (so called because harvest begins at this time); September
[Anglo-Saxon, from Hærfest-Mōnath]
haske n wicker fish-basket;
[from OE hassock (plant)]
haugh n a piece of flat alluvial land by the side of river, forming part of the floor of the river valley; riverflat
[rare geographical term, sometimes found in combination in place-names: greenhalgh; OE healh, halh: nook, corner]
haven n place of safety;
[OE hæfen]
headborough n the seat of government of a nation or state, or other political entity; a chief city; capital
[OE héafodburh]
headishaft n element;
[Calque of Icelandic "höfuðskepna"; literally meaning "head creation"]
heart share n the percentage of consumers who identified the competitor when responding to a question asking them to name a company from whom they would prefer to buy a product;
[O.E. heart and share]
Hearth: One may have a blazing hearth in one's soul yet no one comes to sit by it. phr an expression of a lovelorn and lonely Vincent Van Gogh.;
hedge, huy vb consider;
[OE hycgan]
headtown n the seat of government of a nation or state, or other political entity; capital
[neologism, from head "foremost, main" + town "city, village"]
Headstead n the seat of government of a nation or state, or other political entity; capital, headtown
[from NHG hauptstadt, haupt "head" + stadt "stead, town, city"]
healand n saviour;
[OE hælend]
Health After Sickness is Sweet Evermore" pvb health is not valued till sickness comes.;
"Health is Better than Wealth" pvb health and strength is better than gold.;
"Heart Has It's Summer and It's Summer ("A") pvb the heart knows happiness and disappointment.;
"Heart Has It's Own Ache ("Every") pvb the heart knows it's own bitterness and disappointment.;
hearthfast adj having a stable, settled home;
[OE heorþfæst]
heathwort n the genus Erica, of the family Ericaceae, or plants belonging to the genus Erica.; Erica
[from heath "open shrubland with sandy soil" + wort "plant, herb"]
heave vb lift up;
[OE hebban]
heed vb pay attention, take notice;
heen vb humiliate;
[OE híenen]
heldly adj safe, secure;
heleth n hero;
[OE hæleð]
hempmonger n maker of coarse cloth, ropes.;
[OE hemp & monger]
herder-wanderer n Mongolian nomad; sandfarer : nomad of the desert (dry-land): a bedouin; fourth worlder.
[compound of herder & wanderer.]
hende adj gracious, courteous 2: handy;
hern n angle, corner;
[OE hyrne]
hiddle n secret;
[OE hydels]
hidesack/hydesack n leather bag; {{{synonyms}}}
[Anglo-Saxon, from hȳdesacc]
high-bliss n exultation;
[OE high & bliss]
high-burg n a capital city.; headtown, mickleborough, motherborough.
[OE high & burg/borough]
high-hearted adj proud.;
[OE high &heart]
high-sea n ocean;
[OE high & burg/sea]
highþaning n important function;
[OE héahþegnung]
high-threat adj panic;
[OE high & threat]
highwithouse n college, university; lorestead, seat-of-learning
['high' + 'wit' (knowledge) + 'house']
hild n war, combat;
[OE hild]
hiler vb to weigh, ponder;
[OE heolorian]
hill-sheltered adj to be shielded by hills, mountains and their altitude from extreme or uncomfortable weather, as cities like Bandung (Indonesia) Baguio (Philippines)etc.;
[O.E. hill & side]
hirler n trumpet;
[see Sw. hörlur]
hitherto adv until now or until a particular time;
hitherward adv toward this place;
hokerspeaksome adj sarcastic;
[from Old English hocor "derision" and Old English sprecan "to speak"]
holdand n guardian, keeper, protector;
[OE healdend]
holisain n legend,;
[from OE halig "holy" and OE Segn "story"]
homestuck n confined to home for much of the time becuase a epidemic or pandermic;
[from OE "home" and OE : "stuck"]
hopelost adj without hope; despaired
horn-thumb n a sliver of sharpened horn attached to the thumb, employed by thieves, during the C18th who cut the strings fastening the purse to the owner's /victim's belly.;
horsemanship n the skill of riding and controlling a horse; equestrianism, equitation
[uncommon, from horseman + -SHIP]
hote Vb to be called, to be named;
[OE hatan]
hothouse word n neologism, protologism, sniglet,; new word
[OE hot, house & word]
huecouþ vb to make known;
[OE gehiwcuðlician]
hueledge vb to form, shape, fashion;
[OE gehiwlæcan]
Hundredyear n hundred years; century
[from NHG jahrhundert "year" and "hundred"]
hure adj, adv certainly, especially;
[OE huru]
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