Lady Lund n Mother Nature;
[c.f. Scandinavian 'grove', Ic. 'manner']
lair n the action or fact of lying; the resting place of a corpse; a tomb, grave; a plot in a graveyard, now only in Sc; that whereupon one lies to sleep; bed couch; a place for animals to lie down in, esp. for beasts of chase or prey; nature or kind of soil; den, bed, resting place, haunt
lamestream n play on mainstream, (with a derogatory sense.);
[OE: lame & stream.]
landfall n ship's first landing after a voyage;
landfolk n People of a country; citizens, nationals, subjects, residents
[MW (Archaic), see the origins of land+ folk]
last n shoemaker or cobbler's block. a wooden block shaped like the human foot, on which boots and shoes are formed.; shoe last, cobbler's block
[from OE laestre, track, footprint, trace]
lastand n 100 million;
[<OE hlæst + -and (hundred); c.f. proposed High Icelandish word 'lestund']
laughtersmith n a professional performer who tells jokes and performs comical acts; comedian, comic
[neologism, from laughter & smith]
laughterspeak n disgraceful/shameful speech; leighterquid
[<OE 'leahtorcwide,' with 'cwide,' meaning speech or speak]
lawmoot n parliament;
lax n a food fish of the kind Salmo salar, which swims upstream to spawn, and known for its pink flesh; salmon
[revival, from OE læx]

'A fall of the leaf is a whisper to the living.' pvb remember we all are mortal; let us not forget that all men will die.;
leathermonger n tanner;
[OE leather& monger]
leather spinster n a heterosexual or asexual woman who is happily ummarried and has no desire to seek a mate; ?
[neologism from OE lether, leather: toughness & spinster: female spinner of thread; from 1600 generically used for woman still unmarried and beyond usual age for it.]
lede n people, nation, as in “land and lede”; thede
leer n the cheek, the face; hence look, countenance; faceside, blee, aspect
[archaism OE: hleor]
leese vb to let free from some form of bondage or release from one's misdeeds or sins; redeem, release, lose
[archaic revival, ME leese > OE líesan]
leethertune n symphony;
[OE leoþ = song lay poem]
leeway n 1. the drift of a ship or airplane in a leeward direction
2. a varying degree or amount of freedom or flexibility; margin, latitude, elbowroom;
[lee 'side away from the wind' +‎ way]
lent n season between winter and summer; spring, voar
[OE lencten]
lest conj so as to prevent any possibility that; for fear that;
letch n a stream flowing through boggy land; a muddy ditch or hole; miasma, bog,
[archaism OE: leccan]
lew n traitor, betrayer;
[OE: læwa]
lifelore n the study of all life forms and their relations to each other; biology
[neologism, life "that which subsists" + -LORE "wealth of learning, study"]
lifenut n nucleus (biology);
['life' + 'nut', influenced by 'truenut' (eukaryote), which is a calque from Ancient Greek: ἐΰς (eǘs, 'true') + κάρυον (káruon, 'nut')]
(the)life of a leaf n the interaction of organisms in the physical world. 2. metaphorically the simplicity of life in its full complexity; the life of the everyday man. 2. simplicity often masks an underlying complexity.;
['life' + 'leaf,]
liferoom n cell (biology);
['life' + 'room', the chambers in which life exists]
liferoomswell n tumor;
['liferoom' (cell) + 'swell' (increase in size), influenced by the etymology of tumor (Latin 'tumor' swelling)]
liferoomswellsickness n (cancer O.E borrowed from Latin) ?;
['liferoomswell' (tumor) + 'sickness' (disease, illness)]
likething n example;
['like' + 'thing']
lightcaring n photosensitive;
[compound light (photo) + caring (reacts to)]
limberhall n gymnasium;
Lithe n The season of "Summer"; synonym for "Summer"
[OE: Līþa: "Summer"]
live-ware n as opposed to hardware; personnel , as distinct from inanimate or abstract things they work with; specifically computer personnel.; computer personnel, information technology staff, IT. workers.
[Live: having life; being alive & Ware: OE articles of merchandise or manufacturer; Ware: people; folk.]
Loamshire n name given to an imaginary rural district, county much used in novels and plays;
lock-step n/adj n = a mode of marching by a body of men going one after another as closely as possible , in which the leg of each moves at the same time with the corresponding leg of the person before him. 2. fig. the slavish copying of one person's actions with another; as political party members act or vote in lockstep with their leadership
adj = synchronized;
loft n The invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen.; Air
loftlay n climate;
[calque Icelandic loftslag.]
London throat n a mild infection, similar to a cold, said to be common among people who live in London and caused by pollution.;
[O.E. London & throat]

long goodbye (the long goodbye) n dementia - especially Alzheimer's - is often called the long goodbye, or the slow funeral, so powerful is the displacement of the victim from normal life.;
[O.E. God be with you (goodbye) and long.]
loosening n solution;
[calque from Swe. lösning, Ic. lausn]

|synonyms = |etymology = calque from Swe. lösning, Ic. lausn }}

lore n the gathering and synthesis of all knowledge in a specific field or in general; study, science
[extension of existing word, OE lār]
lorehouse n a place dedicated to the study and learning of a skill or art; school, academy
[OE larhus]
{{wordbook entry |word=lorestead |part of speech=n |meaning=museum |synonyms=crafthall; yorehall; crafthouse |etymology='lore' + 'stead' }}
lossening n auscultation;
[OE hlosnian 'listen, be on the lookout for']
lothood n amount;
['lot' (much, many) + 'hood', influenced by Dutch 'hoeveelheid' (how + much + hood)]
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