makewright n a repairer?;
[O.E. 'make' & 'wright']
man box n a set of rigid expectations that define what a “real man” is. A real man is strong and stoic. He doesn’t show emotions other than anger and excitement. He is a breadwinner. He is heterosexual. He is able-bodied. He plays or watches sports. He is the dominant participant in every exchange. He is a firefighter, a lawyer, a CEO. He is a man’s man. And whether or not we’d actually want to spend any time with him, we all know who he is.;
[O.E. man & box]
manifold adj/vb 1. many and of several different types
[Cambridge English Dictionary]
man look n the inability of a man to find an item of food etc in a cupboard. See 'Mother look';
[(O.E. man & look)]
mare n an adult, female horse;
marrow n 1. soft tissue containing a lot of fat in the centre of a bone
2. squash vegetable;
mattock n iron agricultural tool, similar to a pickaxe;
mayfall adv random. randomly, at random.; hit or miss.
[OE may & fall]
meanship n community;
[OE gemænscipe]
meadow-month n the seventh month of the year (so called because the meadows were in bloom and the cattle were in pasture); July
[Anglo-Saxon, from Mæd-Mōnath]
mealshaver n centepede;
[OE mælsceafa]
meanwealth n a form of government by all the citizens, a republic; republic, folkdom
[OE gemæne "common, general, shared by all" + wealth. Calque of rēs publica, substitute for "commonwealth", since "common" is a Latinate word]
meatsmith n a specialist butcher.;
[O.E. : meat & smith.]
meedful n deserving;
mellow adj smooth, soft or developed; not too sharp, bright, new or rough;
wo/men of wood and foam. n surfers; surfers collectively.;
mere n a large body of inland water; lake
[dialectual, from OE mere]
mething n adjudication;
[OE mæðung]
mettle n ability and determination when competing or doing something difficult;
mickleborough n metropolis; motherborough.
[mickle = much, great ~ still used in Scots dialect]
mickle din n uproar;
[mickle & din= much.]
mickle-prickle n cactus;
[mickle & prickle.]
midapple tree n citrus aurantium, citrus sinensis;
[O.E. mid, apple & tree]
mightworks n factory-like industrial installation that produces electricity for consumption; power plant
[neologism, from might 'strength, power' + works 'place of production, workshop']
milksop n a weak, easily frightened or ineffectual person;
mindful eating n a simple-to-learn life skill which can lead people to enjoy a satisfying, healthy and enjoyable relationship with food. It is a skill that can help people break free from 'food rules' and begin to enjoy healthy, flexible and relaxed eating practices. Mindful eating is not a diet.; mood food
[compound mindful + eating]
mindsee vb create by imagination in the mind; imagine
[compound mind + see]
mindtaking n epileptic seizure;
[compound mind + taking (equivalent of seizure)]
mind-hunter n criminal profiler; criminalist
[compound mind + hunter]
mindware n the mental knowledge and procedures that a person uses to solve problems and make decisions. Mindware is underpinned by three broad principles: 1. learning to live in a community. 2. learning to understand others. 3. learning about learning.;
[compound mind + ware]
mind whispering n mind whispering is a new map of the emotional mind. This approach aims to shows us that we have a choice of our moods, emotions, actions, and reactions. Mind Whispering aims to teach us how to manage our brains, and incorporate the timeless wisdom of mindfulness into everyday situations.;
[compound mind + whisper]
mire vb risk;
[OE mære 'limit, border']
mirk n dark;
[OE mirce 'murky, black, dark']
mistletoe n an evergreen plant with small white fruits and pale yellow flowers which grows on trees, often used as a Christmas decoration;
mood food n food considered to be beneficial to physical and mental health.; mindful eating
[OE mood & food.]
When the moon is full, the wits wane pvb lunacy, madness, silliness at full moon.;
Moonsnavel n Mexico;
[as Nahuatl "metz- (moon) + xic- (navel) + -co (land) > mexihco"]
Moonstroke n Madness or other mental illnesses historically believed to be caused by the moon; Lunacy; Moonmadness; See "Moonstruck"
[Moon + stroke]
Moonstruck adj 1. Crazy or insane when affected by the phases of the Moon. 2. (by extension) Showing irrational behaviour, especially of a romantic or sentimental nature.; Moonstricken; Moonmad; Lunatic (adj.); Crazed; Mad; Insane
[Moon + struck]
morrow n the time following the event; the near future.
[MW (Literary, Archaic), OE morgen, ME morwe]
Mother look n the ability of a woman/mother to find an item (usually food) in a cupboard, after a male person has fail to do so. See "Man look;
mousewife n (by analogy)a housewife who spends all her free time on the internet;
[OE: mouse & wife]
munding n security;
[OE mund 'hand palm (of the hand as a measure) trust security protection guardianship']
murdersmith n deathmonger, assassin; deathmonger
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