oad n funeral pyre;
[from Old English]

oathneat n federation, confederate;
[calque from German Eidgenosse, Eid = oath, Genosse = O.E. geneat 'companion']
offdale n hidden valley, remote valley;
[<Ic. af-dalr]
offhanging adj to be dependent on someone or something; dependent
[neologism, in part calque]
offmind vb to draw (the mind, attention)away in another direction; distract
[compound: 'off' + 'mind']
offwill vb to have in mind as a goal or aim; intend
[compound: 'off' + 'will' ( to want) part calque]
Old Ways Were Once New Ways (The). pvb nothing stays the same;
[compound: OE]
onbefeal vb to recommend; advise, suggest.
[Low Dutch calque "aanbevelen".]
onefoldsome adj truely having the seeming suchnesses or character; geunuine, sincere
onelep n privacy;
[OE anliepum]
onesomehood n the state of being onesome(solitary) or alone; solitude
onfall n the act of attacking; attack
[Calque from German Anfall]
onfang vb to receive; to welcome; to accept; (of a woman) to conceive;
OnHolder adj Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.; conservative
[(On-Hold-er) To hold on]
Onholdom n commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.; conservatism, traditionalist
[(On-hold-dom) To hold on]
onlet n cause; frume
onlook n respect;
[OE anlec]
onwlat n appearance; look, expression, format, manner, bearing
[Directly from OE onwlát, same meaning]
openharmly adj that can be wounded or hurt;open to criticism or attack; vulnerable
[compound: open+harm+ly]
openseely adj easy to see or understand; obvious, evident
[compound: open+see+ly (calque from German)]
open sunshine n total outdoor sunshine. 2. transparency, public awareness.; openness
[from Old English]
ordfrim adj beginning;
[OE ordfrym]
ordfrume n beginning;
[OE ordfruma ~ ord 'origin' + fruma 'root cause']
oredeeming n diagnosis; assay
[OE ór 'origin' + deeming]
orlander n foreigner; outlander
[or- ‘out’ + land]
orlay n fate, destiny; doom
[OE orlæg: or- ‘out’ + læg ‘lay’]
orrest n combat, battle;
[Old English orrest, akin to Old Norse orrosta]
otherhood n women who do not follow the expected norm of marrying and having children;
[O.E. other & hood, with the word 'motherhood' in mind.]
other tongue n a language or languages other than your first language;
[O.E. other & tongue, with the word 'mother tongue ' in mind.]

outarm vb stronger than (someone or something); to push
[out ‘beyond’ + arm (having a meaning or force and strength)]
outfoldly adj superficial; surface, exterior, external, outer, outside, slight
outgo vb to exit; literally " to go out";
[calque: from out + go]
outgoing n exit; outway
[calque: from German "ausgang"]
outlay n, vb def 1: template, def 2(economics): total cost of something def 3: literally to lay something out; varies by definition
[ENE out+lay]
outspring n that from which something comes into being, develop, or derives; source
[compound: 'out' + 'spring']
outtake vb to take or pull something out; remove
[extension of noun]
outway n exit; literally "the way out"; outgoing
[neologism: out + way]
overgive v to surrender;
[Calque of Dutch 'overgeven' (give up, surrender, equivalent of 'over' + 'give')]
overlove v praise;
['over' (superior) + 'love' (related to Dutch 'loven' to praise)]
overloving n praise;
['overlove' + 'ing']
overmorrow n day after tomorrow; day after tomorrow
[an old word from a 1535 Bible]
overrush vt to surprise;
[calque of NHG ‘Überraschen’]
overrushing n surprise;
[calque of NHG ‘Überraschung’]
oversetting n translation;
[calque of NHG ‘Übersetzung’]
overwin v to defeat, conquer;
[Calque from Dutch 'overwinnen' (to defeat, conquer)]
overwinning n defeat;
[overwin + ing]
overwon adj defeated, conquered;
[Past tense of 'overwin']
Ox "Make an Ox out of a Fly" phr treat a minor problem as if it were a major disaster.; make a mountain out of a mole hill
[proverb, metaphor.]
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