The Anglish Moot

oad n funeral pyre;
[from Old English]

oathneat n federation, confederate;
[calque from German Eidgenosse, Eid = oath, Genosse = O.E. geneat 'companion']
offdale n hidden valley, remote valley;
[<Ic. af-dalr]
offhanging adj to be dependent on someone or something; dependent
[neologism, in part calque]
offhinge vb depend;
[off + hinge]
offhingend adj dependent;
[off + hinge + -end (wordlore 1)]
offmind vb to draw (the mind, attention)away in another direction; distract
[compound: 'off' + 'mind']
offwill vb to have in mind as a goal or aim; intend
[compound: 'off' + 'will' ( to want) part calque]
Old Ways Were Once New Ways (The). pvb nothing stays the same;
[compound: OE]
onbefeal vb to recommend; advise, suggest.
[Low Dutch calque "aanbevelen".]
onefoldsome adj truely having the seeming suchnesses or character; geunuine, sincere
onelep n privacy;
[OE anliepum]
onesomehood n the state of being onesome(solitary) or alone; solitude
onfall n the act of attacking; attack
[Calque from German Anfall]
onfang vb to receive; to welcome; to accept; (of a woman) to conceive;
OnHold adj Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.; conservative
[(On-Hold-er) To hold on]
Onholdom n commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.; conservatism, traditionalist
[(On-hold-dom) To hold on]
onlet n cause; frume
onlook n respect;
[OE anlec]
onsnithe vb cut up;
[(OE onsnīðan)]
Ontake verb consent to receive (a thing offered).; Accept
onwlat n appearance; look, expression, format, manner, bearing
[Directly from OE onwlát, same meaning]
openharmly adj that can be wounded or hurt;open to criticism or attack; vulnerable
[compound: open+harm+ly]
openseely adj easy to see or understand; obvious, evident
[compound: open+see+ly (calque from German)]
open sunshine n total outdoor sunshine. 2. transparency, public awareness.; openness
[from Old English]
ord n, vb point, can be used in all ways that modern English utilizes the word "point", such as "to point the finger (to ord the finger)" and "the point of this meeting (the ord of this meeting)"; Synonym with "point of origin" as well
[From the Old English "ord", which as far as I can tell did not have as many meanings in its brooking as "point" does in modern English, but did truly mean "point".]
ordfrim adj beginning;
[OE ordfrym]
ordfrume n beginning;
[OE ordfruma ~ ord 'origin' + fruma 'root cause']
ordue adj steep; high
[PG ardugaz; cognate with Irish ard]
oredeeming n diagnosis; assay
[OE ór 'origin' + deeming]
orfadhom, orfathom vb expand, outstretch; inflate
[or- + fathom; cognate-in-self with Latin expandō]
ordfadhomend, orfathomend n expanse, outstretch; inflation, swelling
[or- + fathom + -end (etymology 1)]
orlander n foreigner; outlander
[or- ‘out’ + land]
orlay n fate, destiny; doom
[OE orlæg: or- ‘out’ + læg ‘lay’]
orrest n combat, battle;
[Old English orrest, akin to Old Norse orrosta]
orwigh vb evict;
[or- + wigh]
otherhood n women who do not follow the expected norm of marrying and having children;
[O.E. other & hood, with the word 'motherhood' in mind.]
other tongue n a language or languages other than your first language;
[O.E. other & tongue, with the word 'mother tongue ' in mind.]

outarm vb stronger than (someone or something); to push
[out ‘beyond’ + arm (having a meaning or force and strength)]
outfoldly adj superficial; surface, exterior, external, outer, outside, slight
outgo vb to exit; literally " to go out";
[calque: from out + go]
outgoing n exit; outway
[calque: from German "ausgang"]
outlay n, vb def 1: template, def 2(economics): total cost of something def 3: literally to lay something out; varies by definition
[ENE out+lay]
outspring n that from which something comes into being, develop, or derives; source
[compound: 'out' + 'spring']
outtake vb to take or pull something out; remove
[extension of noun]
outway n exit; literally "the way out"; outgoing
[neologism: out + way]
ovedoend adj sufficient;
[OE yfe + do + -end]
ovehinge vb suspend;
[OE yfe + hinge]
ovehingend adj suspence; suspension
[OE yfe + hinge + -end (wordlore 1)]
overgive v to surrender;
[Calque of Dutch 'overgeven' (give up, surrender, equivalent of 'over' + 'give')]
overlove v praise;
['over' (superior) + 'love' (related to Dutch 'loven' to praise)]
overloving n praise;
['overlove' + 'ing']
overmorrow n day after tomorrow; day after tomorrow
[an old word from a 1535 Bible]
overrush vt to surprise;
[calque of NHG ‘Überraschen’]
overrushing n surprise;
[calque of NHG ‘Überraschung’]
oversetting n translation;
[calque of NHG ‘Übersetzung’]
overwin v to defeat, conquer;
[Calque from Dutch 'overwinnen' (to defeat, conquer)]
overwinning n defeat;
[overwin + ing]
overwon adj defeated, conquered;
[Past tense of 'overwin']
Ox "Make an Ox out of a Fly" phr treat a minor problem as if it were a major disaster.; make a mountain out of a mole hill
[proverb, metaphor.]