(Tale) a good tale is none the worse for being told twice. pvb a good story keeps it strength and interest.;
talking-brain n nerd;
teamful adj prolific;
telcraft n branch of mathematics that deals with the theory of numerical calculations; arithmetic
[OE tælcræft]
teneth n A currency or coin that is a tenth of a dollar; dime, 10 cents
thede n Alternate form of theode; theode, people, community, tribe, nation, theid (Alba/Scotland)
[Dialectical/Obsolete, see etymology of theode]
thedekindred n ethnicity;
[from OE thede meaning "nation", "tribe" and kindred meaning species]
theode n people; community, nation, tribe, thede (alternate form), theid (Scotland)
[Obsolete, OE þēod, ME]
thewes n (Middle English) Qualities; High moral standards, virtues, righteousness, morality, integrity, dignity, rectitude"Mo goode thewes than hir vices badde"
[(Dialectical/Obsolete) ME, OE þēaw. Can also be spelt as þewes (many variational spellings). MED (University of Michigan):]
thereright n instantly, immediately;
[OE ðærrihte]
theresomeness n the fact or condition of being present (theresome); presence
[‘there’ + ‘-some’ + ‘-ness’]
therestand n the manner in which a person or thing is placed or arranged; position
[compound: ‘there’ + ‘stand’]
thought-drop n idea; mind's eye; belief, thought
[OE 'thought' & 'drop']
thoughtstell, n an arrangement of thought in lore; a theory; beholding
[thought + 'stell' from 'stellen' "to put, to place, to arrange"]
thoughtware n A technology invented by Hungarian inventor Gabor Sandor Acs which allows humans to communicate with a computer and between themselves without a keyboard, mouse or other mechanical device. Whatever thought appears in the mind instantly appears on the computer screen. Thoughtware is considered to be the Next Evolution in Human Communications Technology:;
[OE 'thought' & 'ware']
tideliness n opportunity;
[OE tidlicnes]
tiding n message, well wish; errandspeech
[Used in modern English but with limited use.]
tillth n work or effort directed to useful or profitable means; work in cultivating the soil; ploughing, harrowing; the cultivation of knowledge, religion, mind; crop, harvest; land being tilled; a ploughed field; labour, cultivation, agriculture, husbandry
[archaism, from OE tilþe; ‘till’ (vb) + -th]
do not throw away time, for it is as swift as an arrow, fast as a stream. pvb life passes quickly, as is gone before you realize.;
time flies like an arrow, days and months like a shuttle pvb as an arrow flies swiftly and surely, days, nights months alternate like a weaver's shuttle to and fro;
timeling n an indefinitely brief period of time; moment
[compound: ‘time’ + ‘-ling’ (diminutive)]
timeworn adj worn out with old age, old & feeble; decrepit
[putting together of OE words ‘time’ & ‘worn’]
tofay (tofaying) vb to add, addition,;
[Compound: to+fay]
todealedness (todealtness) n being separate, divided, apart; division, separation, sundering, rivenness
[OE. todaelednyss]
tor n hill or abrupt conical form, lofty hill, eminence, mound, grave, heap, heap of rocks; top of a hill, rocky peak; mount, peak, tumulus
[OE. probably cognate with Gael. torr]
a good tree is a good shelter pvb good things have many uses;
truth-teller n one who is honest; a trustworthy person;
a good tongue (tung) is a good weapon pvb the power of the well spoken word cannot be underestimated.;
a honey tongue, a heart of gall. pvb listen to one's words, but judge them by their actions.;
turd n a lump or piece of excrement, excrement or ordure; faeces, dung
[from OE turd, now not in polite use]
turdmonger n a vile individual; barbarian, philistine. "That turdmonger, who disdains my precious precepts, greeted me with his vile, dirty dung; barbarian, philistine; low-life.
[from OE turd, now not in polite use: a lump or piece of excrement, or ordure & monger: dealer, trader; pedaller.]
turd-strewn n of an area, place dotted with animal droppings.;
[from OE turd.]
twi-wifing n bigamy; polygamy
[Twi: two; wife: a married woman; ing: possessing the quality of.]
þarf vb/adj 1. intrans. vb: to be under necessity or obligation (to do something)
- impers. adj: needful
2. unleavened, not leavened, containing no leaven; as in unleavened bread. Unleavened bread is often simply flour mixed with water. Bread or cake without yeast or baking powder; as in tharf-cake; compelled, forced
[1. rare, from OE þurfan - 2. OE and dialect]
þarm n an intestine; chiefly in pl. 2 an intestine as cleansed and prepared for some purposes. Also in sing., as a substance or material; catgut for fiddlestrings, etc.; intestine(s)
[rare, from OE. þarm, þearm. OTeut. þarmoz: to go through. See modern English ‘thrum’]
þedeship n nationality;
þedewielding n political entity that controls, maintains, and represents a nation or state; government
[neologism using archaisms, from ‘thede’ (nation, people) (archaic) + ‘wield’ (guide, manage') (archaic meanings) + ‘-ing’]
þew n 1. accepted or habitual practice
2. the tissue of the body which contracts to exert a force and movement, physical strength;
[OE þeaw 'habit, custom']
þild n patience;
[OE geþyld, cf. NHG Geduld]
þing vb 1. to invite, address
2. to thrive;
[1. OE þingan - 2. OE geþingan]
þinkly adj thinking deeply or seriously, tending to think;
þong n growth;
[OE geþang]
Þree-milk n the fifth month of the year (because, in the long, spring days, the cows could be milked three times between sunrise and evening); May
[OE Þrimilce]
trek n voyage, travel;
[From Dutch 'trek' (voyage)]
trektide n vacation;
[trek (voyage) + tide (time)]
thringrising vb/adj artesian;
[thring 'pressure' + rising]
throsm/þrosm n visible vapours from burning matter; smoke
[literary revival, from OE þrosm 'smoke, fume' "As I Lay" thresh of limbs, in choke of throsm: nothing is behind me when I go in,]
truenut n eukaryote;
[Calque from Ancient Greek: ἐΰς (eǘs, 'true') + κάρυον (káruon, 'nut')]
truenutlike n eukaryotic;
['truenut' eukaryote + 'like']
thrumstone n a fibrous mineral made into an incombustible fabric, used formerly as a fireproof insulating material.; earthstone, flaxstone, asbestos
[rare, from ME thrum & stone < OE þrum 'thread' & stan 'stone']
þrutch vb to press, squeeze, crowd, throng; fig:to oppress; thrust, push; jostle; press, crowd, push,
[archaic, from OE þryccan: to press]
þung n any poisonous plant.; banewort, bugbane, baneberry
[archaic, from OE ðung]
þursand [1] n 1 billion;
[archaic ‘thurse’ (giant) + ‘-and’ (hundred); c.f. proposed High Icelandish ‘þursund’]
þurse n giant; ettin
[from Old English þyrs]
þware vb to agree, consent to;
[OE þwærian]
þwear vb to stir, twirl; churn
[OE þweran]
twimas ' the period between Christmas and New Year;
[OE twi (two) & mass (celebration)]
þwine vb to decrease, lessen;
[OE þwínan]
twishank ' a human being; a twenty (sl); a man
[OE twi (two) & shank (leg)]
þwite vb to cut, whittle; snithe
[archaic, from OE þwítan]
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