wade vb move, proceed, advance;
[OE wadan]
wain n A road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people.; Car, Automoblie
[OE Wain]
walker-weaver n spider; attercop
[OE spider (a cognate of spinner)]
wall-writer n graffitist;
[OE wall & writer]
wall-writing n graffiti;
[OE wall & writing]
wanhope n the overwhelming feeling of loss beyond repair or redemption; hopelessness, despair
[rare, from WAN- + hope]
wanderword n a word that has spread to many different languages; wanderwort; world-wide word
[calque of German Wanderwort; neologism, from wander & word]
wandling n a changing or mutation; changing, mutation
[OE wandlung]
war adder n arrow;
[Late OE (war) and O.E. adder]
wardthink vb to have a relation to or bearing with; to matter to so as to cause unease, worry; concern
[compound: 'ward' (toward) + 'think']
waterberg n reservoir;
[water + berg (<OE beorgan 'save, preserve')]
water-wife n an additional wife (in a polygamous society, and a drought-ravaged one) married for the sole purpose of being able to walk to a well and return with water.;
[water + wife )]
waterleat n aqueduct;
[OE wætergelæt]
" All Wax and No Wick" phr all talk and no worth; a man of words, and not of deeds is like a field of weeds..; no show, no go.
waygether vb to set or put apart into sections, groups, sets, units; cause to part; separate, disunite
[compound: 'way' (away) + 'gether' (together)]
waygo vb to go away; depart; leave;
[neologism: way + go]
wayleat n junction;
[way + leat 'course']
waymind vb to disregard deliberately, pay no attention to, refuse to consider; ignore
[compound: 'way' (away) + 'mind']
waysend vb to send away; deport; force to leave;
[neologism: way + send]
weal n prosperity;
[OE wela]
weaselflood n the growing accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment of women by prominent men.;
[OE weasel & flood.]
"A Man is Weal or Woe, as He Thinks Himself So" phr well-being and happiness is self made;
wearning n nihilism;
[OE wiernan 'refuse, reject']
weasand n the oesophagus; trachea; gullet,windpipe, the throat generally
[rare, OE weasend; OHG weisant]
webside n sides that are on the Web (a website); webstead, webbook
[web + side (of a book)]
wedyield n money or property given to a husband by his bride on their wedding day; dowry
[wed (marry) + yield (stock, supply)]
Weedmonth n the eighth month of the year, when the word "weed" meant all kinds of greenery; August
[Anglo-Saxon, from Wēod-Mōnath]
ween vb hope, expect, immagine;
[OE wenan]
welder n a person who's job is to join two pieces of metal together permanently by melting the parts that touch;
well-wended adj well orientated;
[wend 'to direct (one's way or course) - pursue one's way - proceed upon some course or way'
~ We wended our weary way westward.]
welsting n {{{meaning}}}; {{{synonyms}}}
[Anglo-Saxon, <OE wealsteng]
wen n a lump or protuberance on the body; excresence on a tree, spot, stain; fig: moral stain, defilement; cyst, tumour, blemish
[OE (wen)]
we-ness n the sweet-symbiosis phase at the beginning of a love relationship, filled with love and passion and marked by the two partners merging into one identity.; sweet symbiosis
[OE (we & ness)]
wereweed n man (metaphorically) as an invasive weed colonising the planet destrying other species and bringing many more to the point of extinction.;
[OE were (man) & weed.]
werthe vb become;
[OE weorðan]
whelp n young of the dog; the young of various wild animals, as the lion, bear, tiger, wolf. Also applied to the off-spring of noxious creatures; low fellow; suckling, pup,cub
[OE hwelp]
whence adv from what place or from which; what source
[OED (Formal/Archaic) , OE hwanon, ME Whenne & later Whannes/Whennes]
whilen adj transitory;
[OE hwílen]
Whilom adv, adj adv: formerly, adj:former; erstwhile, in the past, previously
[OED, OE: hwīlum]
Good wife and Health are a Man's Best Wealth ('A"). pvb love, friendship and health are one's greatest benefits in life.;
wifthing n an affair or matter relating to a wife or woman. 2. wedding nuptials. 3. sexual intercourse;
[OE wife & thing.]

wight n animal;
windfellow n ghost, spirit, phantom; ghost, shade, walking-dead
[OE: wind & fellow]
wineberry n juicy fruit of the genus Vitis; grape
[OE winberige]
wine-month n the tenth month of the year, when wine-drinking is common; October
[Anglo-Saxon, from Wīn-Mōnath]
winkeler n haberdashery;
[Dutch word; OE wincel = corner, nook]
wis adj, adv absolute in certainty; sure, certainly
[archaic and rare, from OE gewis "that which is known"]
" A man who has learned but little, grows old like an ox; His flesh waxes, but his wisdom, not. phr pursue matters of mind, rather than simply the basic needs of life.;
wit v to know;
[obsolete, from OE witan to know, be aware of]
witship n science;
[from Dutch wetenschap and German wissenschaft]
withache n pity or compassoin felt for another's troubles, suffering, etc; sympathy
[calque from german 'mitleid']
witherling n opponent;
[wither + -ling]
witherlawwritly adv anticonstitutionally;
withwin vb to bring to belief, consent, action etc,by overcoming the doubts or hesitations of; convince
[with+win (part calque)]
wlit noun looks, appearance; aspect, visage
[OE. wlite]
wlitty adj beautiful/ fair looking; beauteous
[OE. wlitig]
woath n voice;
[OE wóþ]
wolfmonth n the first month of the year (so called when the bitter cold of winter brought the wolves into the villages to forage for food); January
[Anglo-Saxon, from Wulf-Mōnath]
wome n noise;
[OE wóma]
word-beginning n prefix;
[O.E. word + beginning]
wordbirth n etymology;
[O.E. word + birth]
wordbook n a book containing all, or a subsection of, the words in a language, with their meanings; a lexicon, dictionary.;
[revival, word + book]
wordbook-maker n lexicographer;
[revival, word + book maker]
wordbook-worthy n a word included, or about to be included in a dictionary, because it is widely used.;
[word + book+'worthy]
word-drunk adj prone to use obscure words or inkhorn terms;
[neologism: word + drunk]
word-ending adj suffix;
[neologism: word + ending.]
wordhoard n lexicon; vocabulary; wordstock
[neologism: word + hoard]
word-middle n infix;
[neologism: word +middle]
"A Man of Words, and Not of Deeds is like a Field of Weeds" pvb deeds speak louder than words;
wordshard n lexeme;
[neologism: word + shard]

wordstock n vocabulary; lexicon; wordhoard
[neologism: word + stock]
wordwander n a word that goes on a voyage (into a new language); wanderword; world-wide word
['word' + wander']

work bed n the workplace of a sex worker;
[O.E. work + bed]
worldkenning n encyclopedia;
[world + kenning]
worldswink n earthly toil; misery;
[OE woruldġeswinc]
wortcraft n the growing of plants and flowers, the craft and lore about growing plants; horticulture
[compound of wort 'plant, herb' + -craft]
wortsmith n a rearer, grower, and seller of plants and flowers.; nursery-man
[compound of wort 'plant, herb' + smith]
wough n a wall of a house a partition; in mining, the side of a vein; divider, panel, side
[OE archaïsm]
woot [1] vb (1st & 3rd person) Know, knows; perceive, see, sense, recognize
[ME Same word]
woost [2] vb (2nd person) know; be aware, woot, know of
wrathmonger n Chaos Warriors whose absolute devotion to Khorne sets them apart, lunatic murdersmiths who are revered and feared by their bloodthirsty kin in equal measure;
[O.E. wrath & monger]
wryneck n a small woodpecker that can turn its head round almost 180°;
[OE wrīġian to turn, twist]
wulder n glory;
[OE wuldor]
wyrm n a small creeping animal with more or less slender, elongated bodies, and without limbs or with very short ones; worm, snake, serpent
[revival, wyrm]
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