Anne of Cleve
Anne of Cleve
Birth 1515

Thisslethorp, Heretogdom of Berg, Holy Romish Rich

Death 16 Meadowmonth 1557

Chelsea House, England

Were Henry VIII of England

- (Queen of England by wedlock) 6th Afteryule 1540 - 9 Meadowmonth 1540

Erverike House of the Mark
Forecomer Jane Seymour
Afterfollower Catherine Howard

Anne of Cleve (Allmean HightheechAnna von Kleve; Mean English: Anne of Cleves) was Queen of England from 6 Afteryule to 9 Meadowmonth 1540 by her wedlock as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII. Little is known of Anne before 1527, when Anne was betrothed to Franklin, Heretog of Block, son and erve of Anthony, Heretog of Lothairsland, although they never wed. In Miremonth 1539, hagglings for Anne's wedlock to Henry began, as Henry believed he needed to make a bond with her brother William, who was the leader of the Gainsayers of western Theechland, to strengthen his spot against the Broad-Churchgoers of Frankric and the Holy Romish Rich. 

Anne came to England on 27 Yulemonth 1539 and wed Henry on 6 Afteryule 1540. However, after six months the wedlock was deemed un-lovemade and she was not queen-helmed as queen by wedlock. Following the foredoing, she was given an openhanded settlement by the king, and thereafter deemed The King's Beloved Sister. She lived to see the queen-helming of her step-daughter Mary I, outliving all of Henry's other wives.

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