The Anglish Moot

Athanasius Nikitin (?-1472) was a Russish chapman, pathfinder and forfetcher, one of the first Evelanders to step on the land of India.

In 1466, Nikitin left the town of Tver, sailed down the Volga, reached Derbent, then Baku and later Persia, where he would stay for one year. In the Lent of 1469 he had lithed the Kingdom of Ormus and through the Arabish Sea reached Indland, where he would blive for three years, speering the land thoroughly. On his way back through Persia he reached Trabzon, rooded the Black Sea and oncame to Caffa. In 1472 in Smolensk, on his way back to Tver, he died.

Bewhile his fare Nikitin had been heeding the indwellers of India, the framework of folkset, householding, landmight, tradeset, worship, lifeways and orshafts. He had bemealed his fare in his work "The Wayfare beyond three Seas", which betheened a hefty or of knowledge about Indland, for it inheld a lot of deedsake andwork on life and menning of the land.

In 1955, a weretoken was built in Tver in eftminding Athanasius Nikitin.