The Avon Clove is a 2.5 thousandmete dale that runs through a limestone ridge on the Avon ea between the town of Bristol (England) and Avonmouth. The clove was formerly a busy ea-faring road. In the H18th the clove was delved for stone to build the town. The steep walls of the clove bear some seldseen wights and worts, such as the inborn Bristol and Wilmot whitebeams. The clove has an inner loftlay of 1 mete above the umbsettings. The steep, south-west wended sides beget the afternoon sunlight but are somewhat sheltered from onblowing winds. The steep walls make a firsthold dwelling for faring falks, as well as jackdaws and horseshoe bats. Given its earthkith and breedstock, the clove has become a warded wildstead. Sunder breeds of worts can be found, inholding the narrow ballockwort.


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