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The Aztec ballgame was infound umb 1000 years ago. The goal of the game was to shoot a rubber ball (that weighed roughly 9 pounds) through a stone ring. The players could only brook their heads, elbows, legs and hips to hit the ball, which could not rine the ground - so players often dove to forcome losing scores. If one of the teams forcame to hit the ball through the stone hoop, then the game would be over. However, scores were also awarded for hitting one of the 6 markers found alongside the edges of the field.

Gambling played a big deal in the kithship umbsetting the ballgame. Nearly anything could be gambled on the outcome of the game, such as feathers, children or even wagerers' own lives. The losers often sold themselves into thralldom so they could pay off their owings. The winning or losing of the game, moreso when played between two town-ethels could wend into an unshild to start an onslaught or costning of murder. Sometimes one of the teams were even blooted after the game. The Aztec ballgame also held deep worship meaning, which was linked to man blooting, to keep the Sun shining. Sometimes skulls of onslaughts. were set on the field and the ball itself was said to aspell the head of a blooting. Sometimes, the losing team, or as of some eretiders, the winning team, would be blooted.

The game is still played today (under an other kind).

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