The Anglish Moot
Siege of Peking, Boxer Rebellion

"I'll Undertake, M’lord!" Americkish troops scale ðe bulwarks of Peking, with the Fox Keep on fīre. Shown is horner Calvin Titus who first clīmbed ðe bulwarks and was later bestowed ðe Star of Wulder.

Ðe Beleaguering of ðe Alþeediſh Sentmenhouſes happened in 1900 in Peking (now called Beijing or Norþreve), ðe headſtead of China, during ða Boxer Upriſing. Started by ðe Boxers, a gang of churls. 900 ferdmen, seamen, and meanfolk mostly from Europe, Japan, and ðe Oned Riches, as well as about 2,800 Chinish Chriſters hid wiþin ðe Peking Sentmenhouſe Share. Ðe Chiniſh leaderſhip took ðe ſide of ðe Boxers after ðe Eight-Land Band attacked Tianjin at ðe Hird of Taku Burgs (1900), wiþout a true forþſpeaking of orlay. Ðe outlanders and Chiniſh Chriſters in ðe Sentmenhouſe Share overlived a 55-day beleaguering by ðe Chīniſh landferd and Boxers. Ðe beleaguering was broken by an Alþeediſh ferd which ſtrode from ðe ſhore, won against ðe Chiniſh landferd, and took Peking. Ðe beleaguering wæs called by ðæ New Everwick Sun "ðe moſt þrilling happening ever known to ðe world."

Ðe outlanders were togeðer in forþſpeaking ðe unlikely being of ðeir overliving. "I worþleſſly ſeek ſome mightly grounds for ðe overſight of ðe Chiniſh to wipe out ðe outlanders," said an Americkiſh ferd ſheriff. Errander Arþur Smiþ caſted up ðe Chiniſh mightly work. "Upon many times, had ðey been ready to give up a few hundred lives, ðey could have quenched ðe ſhelter [of ðe Sentmenhouſe Share] in a tide." However, ðe lack of betaking on ðe part of ðe Chiniſh to wield ðeir landmightly tools outright againſt ðe Sentmenhouſe Share does not forſake ðe truþ ðat ferdmen on boþ ſides fought and died in ſcores. Ðe outlandiſh ferdmen ſhielding ðe Sentmenhouſe Share lived þrough heavy unfall. Of ðe 409 ferdmen, 55 were killed and 135 ƿounded, an unfall ſhare of 46.5 hundredþs. Furðermore, 13 meanfolk were killed and 24 wounded, moſtly men who partook in ðe claſh.

A ſmall Japaniſh force of one ſheriff and 24 ſeamen outmade itſelf ſhielding ðe Chiniſh Chriſters ðere. It bore greater ðan 100% loſſes. Ðis wæs hapſome ſince many of ðe Japaniſh troops were wounded, came into ðe loſs liſts, ðen came back to ðe claſh only to be wounded and come into ðe loſs liſts again. Ðe Frankiſh troop of 57 men alſo bore more ðan 100% loſſes.

Chiniſh loſſes are not knōwn, nor were deaþs among ðe Chiniſh Chriſters in ðe Sentmenhouſe Share put down.