Bairish (Bairish: Bairisch or Boarisch; Theech: Bairisch; Ungerish: bajor; New English: Bavarian) is the tung spoken by Bayer folk in most of Bayerland, Eastrike, and South Tyrol. In Bayerland, it is spoken in Overpalent, Overbayerland, and Netherbayerland. In Eastrike, it is spoken everywhere but the Forearlberry shire, which speaks Allmenish. The Bairish tung is an Irminonish (or Elbe-Theedish) tung, meaning it is rooted from Old High Theech. Irminonish is a bough of West Theedish. It has a written allmean, but it is mostly spoken, and there is not much bookcraft for it.