The BWKC was the rulership of Russland and the other lands of the Russish Caserdom from [[]1917]] until 1991. The makeup of the land was said to be a folkdom of Workermoots (Russish Soviets), but was workly an unfree Leaderdom ruled by the head of the Fellowdomly Mootband.

The BWKC began in the aftermath of the Russish Overthrowing, which drew its thought from the books of Karl Marx. The first leader of the BWKC was V.I. Lenin. He was followed by the harsh leader Josef Stalin, who led the BWKC through other World Orlay.

Near the end of the BWKC, its last leader, M.S. Gorbachev, forsought to give the Russlanders a little more freedom mootishly, and to overhaul the Workermootly rigging of the householddom from the Fellowdomly way to the Ownershiply ways of the West. The Workermootly Band fell asunder after a group of rabblerousers tried to overthrow Gorbachev in 1991.

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