Rike of Barrowland
State of Montana (Mean English)
"Oro y Plata"
"Gold and Silver"
Ethel Oned Rikes
Headstead Helen
Biggest stead Reckonings
Inwonername Barrowlander
- Highthane
- Under-Highthane
Steve Bullock (Folkship)
Mike Cooney (Folkship)
Landswathe 147,040 fourside miles
- In full
- Huddlemete
7.09/fourside mile

Barrowland (Mean English: Montana) is a rike in the northwestern Oned Rikes. Barrowland has sundry bynames, inholding "Big Sky Land," and "The Dearworth Rike," and revesayings inholding "Land of the Shining Barrows," and more lately "The Last Best Berth." 

Barrowland is the fourth-greatest in landswathe, the eighth least befolkered, and the third-least huddledly befolkered of the 50 O.R. rikes. The western half of Barrowland inholds sundry stretches of barrows. Smaller iland-stretches are found throughout the rike. In all, 77 named stretches are shares of the Stony Barrows. The eastern half of Barrowland is marked by western grassland landships and badlands. Barrowland is bordered by Fellhurst to the west, Yellowstone to the south, North Friendland and South Friendland to the east, and the Whiternorthern greatshires of British Columbsland, Albertinesland, and Swiftstream to the north. 

The wealthdom is mostly founded upon farming, inholding deerfarming and morningcornfarming. Other marked wealthly rawstuffs inhold black gold, lundish wind, coal, hardstone delving, and wood. The health care, helping, and lawmoot shares are also marked in the rike's wealthdom.

The rike's fastest-growing wealthly share is sightseeing. Nearly 13 micklered sightseers each year go to Icklehead Landwide Parrock, Yellowstone Landwide Parrock, Beartooth Highway, Flathead Inland Sea, Big Sky Outway, and sundry other draw-ins.

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