Baden-Württemberg (Theech)
Boundland of Theechland
Flag of Baths-Wirthemberry Coat of Seal of Baths-Wirthemberry
Flag Coat of Seal
Ethel Theechland
Headstead Studyard
Revetung Allmean Theech
Other tungs Allmenish, Upper Frankish
Inwonername Bather-Wirthemberrier
- Body
- Rede-Foresitter

Landday of Baths-Wirthemberry
Winfried Kretschmann
Landswath 13,803.72 miles²
Befolkening (2015) 10,879,618

Baths-Wirthemberry (Theech: Baden-Württemberg, Allmenish: Baade-Wiirdebäärg) is a boundland in Theechland found in the southwest, east of the Upper Rine, dining the border with Frankric and Switzerland. It is Theechland’s third biggest boundland. both in grete and befolkening, with an swathe of 35,751 fourside thousandmetes (13,804 sq mi) and 10.8 twisand dwellers. The reevly and biggest town is Studyard,

The sobriquet Ländle ("small land" or "dear land" in the stowly landspeech) is sometimes neeted as a likeword for Baths-Wirthemberry.

Eretide Edit

Baths-Wirthemberry was shapen from the sheedly lands of Baths, Prussish Hightollers and Wirthemberry, bits of Swafferland.

In 100 AD, the Romish Rich overran and beset Wirthemberry, building a limes (strengthened linebelt) along its northern borders. In the H3th YL, the Allmenner thrutched the Romers to withdraw west beyond the Rine and Danube riths. In 496 YL the Allmenner were beaten by a Frankish raid led by Clovis I.

The Holy Romish Rich was later staddled. Most folk became Broad Church followers, albeit the Gainsayer Straightening sway in northern Theechland in the H16th. In the late H19th and early H20th, many outwandered from this mainly fieldly swathe to the Foroned Ricks for weal openings.

H20th to today Edit

After World Wye II, the fayed lands staddled three oathneat boundlands in the land of nowa-day Baths-Wirthemberry: Wirthemberry-Hohenzollern, Baths and Wirthemberry-Baths. Baths and Wirthemberry-Hohenzol were beset by Frankric, while Wirthemberry-Baths was beset by the Foroned Ricks. In 1949, each boundland became an ording limb of the Bound Ledewealth of Theechland, with stave 118 of the Theech lawwrit feeding an keying forsetting. On 16 Yulemonth 1951, Wirthemberry-Baths, Wirthemberry-Hohenzollern and Baths cored by ledepoll in hild of a twofold fay. Baths-Wirthemberry reevely became a boundland in Theechland on 25 Eastermonth 1952.

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