Free Boundland of Bayerland
Freistaat Bayern (Theech)
Boundland of Theechland
Flag of Bayers Coat of Seal of Bayerland
Flag Coat of Seal
Bayernhymne (Churchsong of Bayerland)
Ethel Theechland
Headstead Minks
Revetung Allmean Theech
Other tungs Bairish, Allmenish, Upperfrankish
Inwonername Bayers
- Body
- Rede-Foresitter

Landday of Bayerland
Horst Seehofer
Landswathe 27,239.58 miles²
Befolking (2015) 12,843,514

Bayerland (TheechBayernEnglish: Bavaria; Checkish: Bavorsko), reevely the Free Boundland of Bayerland (TheechFreistaat Bayern) is a landlocked oathneat boundland of Theechland, besetting its southeastern winkle. With an landspan of 70,550.19 four-side thousandmetes (27,200 sq mi), Bayerland is the biggest Theech boundland by land swathe. Its land makes up roughly a fifth of the whole land swathe of Theechland. With 12.9 micklered dwellers, it is Theechland's twithe-most-folkful boundland (after Northrine-Westfalls). Bayerland's headstead and biggest stead, Minks, is the third biggest stead in Theechland. The boundland also inholds many other steads such as: Nirremberry, Augsborough, Rixborough, Ingoldstead, Wortsborough, Firth, Orlongs, and Bairythe.

The eretide of Bayerland stretches from its earliest settlement and setting up as a heretogdom in the 6th yearhundred through the Holy Romish Rich to becoming an selfhood kingdom and at lastboundland of the Kernelish Ledewealth of Theechland.

The Heretogdom of Bayerland dates back to the year 555. In the 17th yearthousand YL, the Heretog of Bayerland became a First-chooser of the Holy Romish Rich. The Kingdom of Bayerland lived from 1806 to 1918, when Bayerland became a ledewealth. In 1946, the Free Boundland of Bayerland withstighted itself on folkshipish lines after the Twithe World War.

Bayerland has a one and only couth, mainly being as of the boundlands's Catholish morehood (52%) and mossback trends. Bayers have longtimely been showy of their couth, which inholds holidays such as Winterfulth holiday and firststuffs of Alpinish tokendom. The boundland also has the twithe biggest wealthdom among the Theech boundland by GDP beaconings, giving it a rank as a rather wealthy Theech boundland.

Newfangled Bayerland also inholds bits of the sheedly fields of Franky, Upper Palent and Swaffland.

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